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Remember what I said about your disgusting sexual non-sequiturs, and you're like "what are you talking about? I never do that"

This is what I'm talking about.

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This is not a non-sequitur. This is a direct response to the OP poster who shared the image. It's hardly disgusting or graphic. I certainly could delve but I most definitely don't. I don't bring these stories up from nowhere. If you fail to see the connections I can expound on anything I've said previously to make it clearer.

Also, she's still a very good friend - as are most of my exes. And there's nothing disgusting about her.

If you have issues regarding sexual content, beyond the no-porn rule, from innuendo to graphic, it might be nice to clarify that for us all.

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I'm just saying, you say you never do it, yet you do. I get tired of the hypocrisy is all. Just own it at least.

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I own that I'm a hypocrite in a lot of ways, like everyone, without exception.

But in my opinion I don't randomly pull out "disgusting sexual non-sequiturs". Your conservative values might find my non-graphic exploits about consenting adults disgusting - and you may even insist they are "dragging down" the conversation. I don't see it that way but I'm willing to learn if you explain further, ideally with a list of examples rather than just an occasional arbitrary frowny opinion.

It also wouldn't hurt if you actually disciplined those who are actually clearly breaking the rules, whether it's name-calling, linking to trans porn, etc. That might remove much temptation to perpetuate the gutter talk in many folks - and even me.

Obviously I was quite liberal for decades. Theoretically I still am. So far as "smutty stories" go, while I wouldn't applaud a ban, I would accept it were you to lay out some rules/guides/examples against it - for the greater good - just like I understand why porn is banned. Unfortunately many posted articles share far worse than I've written and I don't even know how you might begin to deal with those conversations. I don't envy your burdens.