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Spot always. I deleted reddit from my phone last night because I was running out of storage. Maybe I will reinstall it in the future. My point is, when making decisions about what platform I considered to be expendable (even if temporarily) reddit was my choice. Why? Rational dialogue is no longer possible within the subs I frequent at this time. I view this as a temporary issue due to the fact that true conspiracy theorists sincerely seek open and rational dialogue, well thought out ideas on what's really going on regarding current events/past I always, Corbett is spot on.

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Funny thing, I got a new phone about a month ago, installed reddit, and uninstalled within 2 days. My old phone had the old version, and I just hate the updated app. Add that to no rational dialogue, it's not really a big loss. People seem to just be waiting on a comment or post to attack, and many don't have any point at all.

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awesome as always

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Have to say I wasn't looking at the Alex Jones purge this way, and James makes a compelling case that it is just one more example of how we can be manipulated to view these tech giants as our only options while hoping big government will make them behave.