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How reddit has fallen. and continues to fall. This is beyond disgusting

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This is how you act when you're headed for an IPO, which is apparently the "only responsible choice"

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i deleted my reddit account and left em a nice message, rofl

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Came here from that reddit thread too, but how is this different than a straight reddit clone, like voat?

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Here check out our welcome message which explains our features:

One of the main things is that saidit doesn't have downvotes, we instead have two types of upvotes, funny and insightful. This means groups of people can't brigade the votes and "undo" legitimate user votes.

This is one of many features saidit has that make it unique from reddit.

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voat isnt a straight reddit clone rofl, this is more of a straight clone then voat as saidit uses reddits source code :)

the difference between reddit and saidit is this site is centrist, while reddit is extremist cucked sjw, rofl

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People have already mentioned the differences in code base (phuks and poal share their own brand of code as well afaik), but Voat is a site where right wing and right wing extremists gather. The differences is mainly in who's using the site and the content they bring.

I like the people here but the site looks god awful on high res mobile devices so I'm on phuks for the time being (@magnora7). On the other hand saidits RSS support is king amongst the reddit alternatives so I subscribe to saidit-subs while I visit the subs on Phuks.

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Glad we have some services that are useful for you. We're about to begin developing our layout for mobile devices. If you could change 2 things about the appearance to make it look good on mobile, what would you change? Larger text size, is that the main issue?

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you betya (((Certain partners))) ~ how rancid and corrupt.

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Semi-related anecdote from /g/:

create reddit account because i have the answer to someone's problem

verify email even though it's not mandatory

click on the send button to submit my answer

"Sorry, it your account is less than 7 days old and your post has been automatically removed"

wait 7 days

"Sorry, your karma is less than 20 and your post has been automatically removed"

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Don't feel bad- I was banned from r/conspiracy with 14,000 karma.