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Furthermore Startpage takes its results DIRECTLY from Google a fact I received from communication with Startpage itself.

DDG doesn't track you. That is a huge benefit right there.

If you hate Jewish people so much that you have to refer to any one of them as a "Zionist" why not just start a sub s/JewsSuck so everyone can be clear about what your actual issue here is?

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Jews are the cancer of the Earth. Prove me wrong.

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Well we wont find who exactly is the cancer of the earth when we all spend our time pointing fingers at random groups who've done nothing wrong.

Generalization helps no one and hurts everyone.

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Oh man. If the "jews" did nothing wrong, then Charles Manson is a fucking saint.

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Jews? Or Neocons who are supposed atheistical Jews. Why equate neoconservative doctrine with Judaism? There are some parallels, I guess, with greater Israel.

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It's not difficult to guess where MostlySunnySkies is commenting from.

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and nibbling on baby dick for god is wrong

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killing jesus isnt wrong, seems legit

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Not only have they done nothing wrong, they've shouldered a disproportionate amount of the burden doing what's right. Most of these people who are anti-Semitic are about 14 years old. It's obvious from their sentence construction and word choice. Also, one of them has many accounts. How do we block people, do you know?

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Jews are the cancer of the Earth. Prove me wrong.

Listed below are the recipients of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine:

Paul Ehrlich # (1908) Elie Metchnikoff #,1 (1908) Robert Bárány # (1914) Otto Meyerhof # (1922) Karl Landsteiner # (1930) Otto Warburg #,2 (1931) Otto Loewi # (1936) Joseph Erlanger # (1944) Sir Ernst Chain # (1945) Hermann Muller #,3 (1946) Gerty Cori 4 (1947) Tadeus Reichstein # (1950) Selman Waksman # (1952) Sir Hans Krebs # (1953) Fritz Lipmann # (1953) Joshua Lederberg # (1958) Arthur Kornberg # (1959) Konrad Bloch # (1964) Francois Jacob # (1965) André Lwoff # (1965) George Wald # (1967) Marshall Nirenberg # (1968) Salvador Luria # (1969) Julius Axelrod # (1970) Sir Bernard Katz # (1970) Gerald Edelman # (1972) David Baltimore # (1975) Howard Temin # (1975) Baruch Blumberg # (1976) Rosalyn Yalow # (1977) Daniel Nathans # (1978) Baruj Benacerraf # (1980) Sir John Vane 5 (1982) César Milstein # (1984) Michael Brown # (1985) Joseph Goldstein # (1985) Stanley Cohen # (1986) Rita Levi-Montalcini # (1986) Gertrude Elion # (1988) Harold Varmus # (1989) Edmond Fischer 6 (1992) Alfred G. Gilman 7 (1994) Martin Rodbell 8 (1994) Stanley Prusiner 9 (1997) Robert Furchgott 10 (1998) Paul Greengard 11 (2000) Eric Kandel 12 (2000) Sydney Brenner 13 (2002) H. Robert Horvitz 14 (2002) Richard Axel 15 (2004) Andrew Z. Fire 16 (2006) Bruce Beutler 17 (2011) Ralph Steinman 18 (2011) James Rothman 19 (2013) Randy Schekman 20 (2013) Michael Rosbash 21 (2017)

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Oy vey, all those millions handed out for a hundred years and yet no cure in sight. Seems to me like another monopoly scam.

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OK so nepotism is one way in which they are cancer. Believe me, nobel prizes are VERY political and their awarding is a VERY corrupt process.

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You're talking about Nobel Prize recipients that are mostly white with some khazarian admixture.

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I don't think interracialism is common among 20th century Jews, but I could be wrong.

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Well, they say they're Jewish, so there's that. But maybe you know better.

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Jews are the cancer of the Earth. Prove me wrong.

Listed below are recipients of the GM Cancer Research Foundation Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. Prize :

George Klein (1979) Isaac Berenblum (1980) César Milstein (1981) Stanley H. Cohen (1982) Harold Varmus (1984) Robert Weinberg (1987) Leo Sachs (1989) Mark Ptashne (1990) H. Robert Horvitz (1998) Avram Hershko (2000) Alexander Varshavsky (2000) Pierre Chambon 1 (2003) Ronald Evans (2003) Roger Kornberg (2005)

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Jews do suck.

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Please list a source.

Also: how does searx help? Most of them aggregate data from Google, DDG, Bing, and others. They also aggregate data from Startpage, but if that's the only good one, you might as well use Startpage directly. And it should be noted that Startpage is now owned by an ads company. So it isn't much better.

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Don't equate Judaism with Zionism.

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Where did he mention anything about religion in his post?

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Modern Jews who are atheistical are not really true Jews. They cannot know if they are of the family tree of the 12 tribes of Israel. Religious Jews are true Jews and it has always been that way.

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The 12 tribes of Israel isn't "jews". Only the descendants of the ancestral Judah (not the one that betrayed Christ, another much earlier one), son of Israel (born with the name of Jacob) are actual Jews. So that's one of the 12 tribes of Israel is jewish, while the other 11 are NOT. You can see that the term "Israel" was stolen by the Baal "jews" like pretty much everything else in the world. Yes, they are descendants of Israel, just like a lot of other peoples, but they make it out like all the descendants of Jacob were jews, and that is simply false.

Also, the term "Israel" here refers to ONE DUDE, the "father" of these 12 other dudes who are the fathers of the 12 tribes. Now don't go thinking these steps are all single-generation. That is just not possible. You don't settle land after land after land successfully each generation. More time needs to pass, it doesn't make sense otherwise. So that term "Israel" is the name of a dude, and dates from LONG BEFORE any Abrahamic people having an actual civilization in the area nowadays known as "Israel".

Here is smore:

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For some reason, your comment, does not show up in the post. Did someone censor it?

Certainly, Rome created a bastardized, paganized version of Christianity, far from "The Way," as a means to curtail the revolutionary followers of Christ. Jesus was taught in the Hillel sect who later created a clause allowing rights to be waived for usury and interest. Jesus was certainly against this clause and opened up the Scroll of Isaiah to proclaim the Jubilee year but he spoke of far more.

...descendants of the ancestral Judah.

Yes, so who are these teotskyite, oftentimes atheistial Jews who call themselves Jews? Are they Jews? Why when criticizing their agendas do they proclaim anti-Semitism?

The whole Khazar, Ashkanazi, ancestral links to Judah, etc., is more confusing now than ever. I can never make out if the modern Jew is a race, or simply a people who practice Judaism. Many Ultra-Orthodox Jewsish sects believe that atheisitical persons who call them selfs Jews are no such thing. Whilst the atheistical Jews call them self Jews because of past religious family members. Then the whole dissilusioned religious Jews who became atheistics under Lenin fighting the Hasidic sects is even more confusing.

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Well that is a good question. I don't have an answer. Maybe the guy who made the video could answer that for you, he enjoys discussing the topic and will readily respond to a genuine query such as this for you. Heck, he might join us on here for good education. Just make sure you watch the 3 parts and listen carefully. I know for one even with my high IQ, I need to re-watch these videos multiple times. That shit is REALLY convoluted. Especially when you don't try to just gobble it by rote but put it in a historical context, like I am sure you are about to do.

Maybe between your knowledge and his we can finally get some really solid answers to these important questions.

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There are real jews that call themselves jews, probably. They do or don't practice judaism. Some people call themselves "christian jews", too. There are the zionist scum who call themselves jews who are most definitely not jews but use its religion as cover for their racially oriented world domination plans. There are confused people who think the 12 tribes of israel are all jews, who call themselves jews who have nothing to do with it.

Not surprising it's a confusing shitshow. But the guy with the "Jews for Hitler" channel is in a unique position to dig and find the truth of it all. I haven't finished watching all his videos, so I don't know, maybe he's got far enough down the path of that question to clarify it somewhat?

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Either you're a bot or you don't read well enough to formulate a decent response. I'll go again.... Where did he mention jews or religion in his post?

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You replied to the wrong comment; hence the confusion.

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Startpage buys their results too. Theres really very few independent search engines. Yacy is one.

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Is Yahoo worth a damn nowadays? I remember in the 90s they were all the rage...

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You shutoff google and bing and have your own instance or pick one with hardened privacy settings. Plus, duckduckgo clearly censors info now.

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The reason people on this page are obssessing about Jews is because they feel themselves to be nothing special.

They're looking for some "external force" to blame for their failure to find something in life which engages them and takes them out of obssessing about their own unlaunched lives.

So they're killing two birds with one stone; they're blaming someone else for their unlived lives and at the same time they're finding a compelling narrative they can dedicate themselves to. They're filling that God shaped hole in their lives with hate.

This is perfectly transparent to anyone with any experience with people.

What you all need to do is find something you're interested in and then make up your mind you're going to dedicate yourself fully to becoming an expert at it. Right now all your doing is floating around in self-defined theories about the malvolence of other people. You're just making it up as you go along, deciding for yourself what is and is not evidence. You're holding your own kangaroo court for people who don't even know you exist. You're reading the writings of people who have done the exact same thing before you, with the exact same lack of rigor, and joining their game .

The game is called- Indict the Jew- with rules you just make up as you go along depending on how the game is going for you at any given moment.

That can never lead to any kind of fulfillment or self-esteem. To grow and become something more than you are now, that is, to actually live your life instead of wasting it away, you have to create or discover some kind of order that pushes back against the chaos of an impersonal, external, imposing, objective reality which is the real world that we all share.

Battling against the sheer naked violence of the real world to bring it under the control of being understood, or to stop it from hurting humans, is where human happiness is found for people like you who have a need to achieve but are lost with what to do or how to do it.

This is just a wrong turn you've gone down. Some wrong turns have terrible consequences one of the worst being, you wasted your life.

It's hard enough to fight against real conspiracies of actually malevolent individuals who want to push your life into the gutter at every turn, isn't it?. Engaging in a fake game where the answer to every puzzle is known in advance: "...because of the Jews.." is just your way of shrinking the brutality of the real world down to a managably sized game you can always win.

Don't be that person. You don't want to waste your life being the person who cowers on shore of their lives, too afraid to plunge in, too afraid to get in over their heads

You get to be a completely different person any time you want. You get to just walk away from your investment in a fake, wrongly-directed life. Any time you want, without explaining jack to anyone, you can just head off into new, better, brighter more exciting horizon, just because you want to.

That's real power, and its your birthright.

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Some good points, but your presumptive blanket statement missed the mark by quite a bit.

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Anyone else notice how quickly this discussion of got derailed?

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I mainly use Swisscows.