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In the wake of the BLM riots, many people have been attacked in their cars by rioters. I've seen a lot of commentators say that if they were in that situation, they'd hit the gas and not think twice. It seems to me like James Fields did what any normal person would do when fearing for his life - flee. There should never have even been any charges.

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I wouldn't say staged. It was the Jewish Supremacists declaring point blank: "Listen up you filthy white goyim, you are our slaves. You have no right to peacefully assemble and you have no right to self defense against our savage golems. Eat shit and die (preferably for Israel)."

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Jewish Supremacists have full control over the USA Government.

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yeah these things are all staged in that the protestors want to get ran over, foolish of course but why else do they attack a car

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Martyrs in the religion of woke.

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yeah a lot of these young people are depressed, no direction in life, want to die anyway, some commit suicide by car, some commit suicide by cop, some hope to just be slightly injured and things go worse than they hoped.

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And they feel that way because they're cut off from the natural order of things. They instinctually understand there is something wrong with life. "We live in a society" after all. It's the Hegelian dialectic, introduce the poison and give them the "cure" that supposedly solves their problems. In reality it just ends up making things worse, because they lack critical information.

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Staged in what way? James Fields is certainly a real person, as was Heather Heyer. There are still those who believe his car didn't actually hit her and she died of a heart attack from falling/stress (she was very very overweight).

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Click the link to see the whole article. I stopped after "Notice all the shoes at loose, the tell-tale calling card of staged deceptions." That was the point it became too stupid imo.

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Notice all the shoes at loose, the tell-tale calling card of staged deceptions.

Yeah, this is dumb