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My wife and I met at age 40. It's hard finding THE RIGHT ONE in today's insane world. Anyway, a few years later we tried and tried to make babies, and they simply wouldn't stick in her. It is a sad state of affairs when both the man and the woman want a child but one simply will not come. Now we are in our 50s so it's all over.

We have dogs. They are a bit like kids. But the emptiness IS REAL.

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It's never too late to adopt and profoundly help someone(s).

I've never felt the desire to have kids ever, and always assumed if I were convinced to take that leap then I'd also adopt at least one for every one of "mine". I know I could have been as good/shitty father as my Dad, and perhaps more so. But it doesn't interest me much. I'd rather be a teacher with limited responsibilities, but I'm too unconventional, freethinking, and unique for most. I'll stick to making mass media (if I could focus).

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Yes, it is too late. My health has been terrible for the last 10 years, and there is no way I could take care of a kid. I can't work, and while my wife earns decent money, support for one child might still be enough to break us.

Plus, if we were to have kids we both feel the ONLY kids we'd like to have would need to be 100% our own DNA.

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I'm sorry to hear that. Well, maybe there's other ways to "borrow" kids for a while - community centers, coach a team, etc etc etc. I've never felt the need to see myself cloned, for all my pros and cons. Maybe I just don't get it, and at this point, almost 50, maybe I never will.

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That's the difference: I know I'm perfect.

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LOL, then I guess you know I already responded to your mod mail.

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I fail to see the link between that and the realization that one is perfect. You're perfect too, you know. Too bad you can't see it. :-(

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I was joking, and though I'm neither perfect nor perfectly omniscient, we shouldn't let perfection be the enemy of good or very good or excellent.

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I don't know if you consider yourself Christian, but what do you make of the statement that "God created man in his image"?

And I'm not perfectly omniscient anymore. I was born with that though. Let me tell you: what a freaky burden.

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Muslims dont seem to have this problem

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They start young

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Yeah like Americans used to. Legal age was 10 years old back then

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Well yeah they don't, they buy their wife, who is forced to obey - or beaten into submission. That will ensure the "success" of a marriage - provided you are a total savage. For me, a marriage is a CONSENTING union of two EQUAL partners.

Also, being a supergenius, it was going to be difficult from the outset to find a woman who is right for me. There are maybe 10 people with my level of intelligence in the world, so that's not the criterion for selection, obviously. If there were a muslim person at my level, they would have the same problem, because the first thing they would do is realize that is a false religion, and be rid of it.

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I dont think people like you should be married, I think they should run the government. If you truly are as smart as you say

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Yeah but when you are smart enough, you really DON'T WANT to do that, not in today's world. Although Aristotle did state that born-Philosophers should definitely run things for the rest of people. Still, in today's world, knowing what those who actually run the world do to people to make them comply, and then do to them when they DON'T comply with their wishes, is enough to keep one away. The first thing being smart gets used for is preservation of one's life and freedom. The second one is the pursuit of higher ideals. There is no "choice" in this: it is self-evident.

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Mexicans are like 'haha'

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Dogs are always wonderful. So glad you found the right person ♡

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Thank you!!!

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Plastics. Every single form of plastic leeches some kind of xenoestrogen. BPA isn't the only concern. Ever wonder what that weird taste is in a water bottle that got to room temp. That's the plastic you are drinking. Endocrine disruptors in everything these days.

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Simple discovery but coke tastes so much better in a glass bottle.

Plastic is sick but we cannot escape it.

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Ha, funny you mention that since I will only drink soda from a glass bottle. And coke is my number one choice. Imagine how much more plastic leeches into the soda because of the acidity and chemicals in it.

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Are there any ways to prevent this? I've been considering investing in a high-tech water filter. What do you do?

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Water filters are a great start. Personally, I avoid any plastic food and drink containers. Canned food too, since it has BPA filled liner inside of it. Glass is our friend. Growing your own food is helpful too. And avoids the estrogenic pesticides and herbicides.

None of this has to be absolute. You can just avoid plastic as much as you can, and, over time, replace your plastic products with glass and metal. Food storage, utensils, cookware, etc...

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Great suggestions, thanks! I feel like you should start a sub or make a post about all this.

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Good idea. I'll add this to my list of sub ideas for sure.

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Not sure if I agree that this is intentional, but it's certainly real. If it's intentional, I don't understand the end goal.

That said, there are contradictory messages regarding giving birth. Examples are advertisements against giving birth JPG while at the same time, there being a big push to increasing immigration due to low birth rates.

I was replying to this user just as it deleted their comment.

So I am just going to post my reply here

It is a replacement plan aka white replacement. The goal is to cripple the white population with infertility, while the few whites that are still fertile have many interracial affairs so their children will be mixed race.

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I'm thinking eugenics is the end goal.

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I would hardly call brazilification eugenics. If any group is going to be practicing eugenics in our society are jews, and rich goyim.

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It is definitely part of the war on the white race. There is a Jewish plan (see "The protocols of the elders of zion") to enslave all races. Here's more info by everyday Jews themselves:

Their main problem right now is that whites make terrible slaves. As in, a lot of us would rather die free than serve as slaves. They know this. As such, they have devised plans to genocide our race through admixture and the destruction of our civilizations, using hordes of angry Muslim savages as their tool of choice. Hence, why the middle east has been and keeps on being pummeled to rubble and gore. They will keep at it until the hordes are so pervasive that we do not stand a chance of survival, barring an all-out civil race and religious war.

This is also part of their plans, with BLM being (obviously?!) front and center on the US side of things. In Canada I think it's the rainbow people who are being used as the victims of choice as excuse for Antifa to start civil warfare.

Why civil war everywhere? Because that is the perfect excuse to bring in an official WORLD TOTALITARIAN (communist) GOVERNMENT. Headquartered in Jersualem, obviously. I mean, they are unofficially doing it with shutting down pretty much EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY's economy simultaneously, sending the world into a depression.

But they couldn't let that act of worldwide economic sabotage stand on its own: people would overthrow their governments over that. So they have to simultaneously have the masses worry about something else, so that the media can cover THAT instead of, you know, impending famine and abject poverty. Make sure whitey is blindsided by all the other crap!

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There are ways to combat it

Eat healthy, exercise, relax from time to time, spend time with family and friends.

it's not perfect, but it should atleast help.

Also, you posted this on Reddit too, didn't you? Lol.

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Hey, just trying to reach a wider audience. I'm slowly transitioning : )

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I almost skimmed past this, but I am glad I read it. You make some very compelling arguments. Might want to crossport it on s/gendercritical too, since that one is a sub for women.

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Thanks but it might anger them as some of my views contradict feminism!

Thanks for reading ♡

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This is an incredibly detailed summary. Thank you for writing it.

Have you thought about posting this to other subs (or websites) as well?

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I was a big Reddit poster but we all know how that is going!

I love writing but not sure what to do with it all.

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Thanks so much for this post, it's incredible. Could you elaborate on your views on Huxley?

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Two things to note:

1) Family were big proponents of eugenics. His brother specifically.

2) Part of the royal society and very wealthy.

Unlike Orwell who seemed to have a political past that influenced him, Huxley had money and connections.

I could probably write up more : ]

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You should cross-post this to debatealtright.

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The Eugenics Agenda of Population Control has roots in many aspects of society.

The East India Company (EIC) and later, the British East India Company (BEIC) was the original "300," whose descendants rule the world today. Opium and the drug trade was the stock in trade then, and remained so. From this highly organized, complex structure, grew Socialism, Marxism, Communism and National Socialism and Fascism. Beginning in 1914, extensive mind control experiments were carried out at Cold Spring Harbor in New York, the race- eugenics center sponsored by Mrs. E.E, Harriman, mother of Averill Harriman, governor of New York State at the time, who became a prominent public and political figure in the U.S. and Europe. The grand lady poured millions of dollars of her money into the project and invited German scientists to share the forum. A great many of Tavistock's mind control techniques especially "reverse psychology" technique taught by Reese, originated at Tavistock, which today, forms the basis of mind-controlling exercises to implant the notion in the minds of the American public that the black and colored races are superior to the white race, "racism" in reverse. -John Coleman

This could be the result of a century of social engineering from think tanks like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.