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The proportion of posts/comments on reddit and the like that are just incredibly brutal against anti-vax just seem like a red flag in itself. There are many comments that say anti-vax deserve to die, should go to jail and lose their children, etc.. You aren't allowed to even question vaccines nor point to links that show injuries and info without being labeled a crazy anti-vaxxer and told all of the above and more.

To me, this is too strong of a reaction to be all 'real' and so then makes me question "Why is this such a big agenda that they'd be this brutal? Why this strong of a push to push others that anti-vax is wrongthink and applaud them for attacking others?"

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I've done enough research into the propagandists pushing this propaganda to know that nearly all of them are Zionist Jews; it's a different story for the vaccine company owners who many times are WASPS looking to make a huge profit. The racketeering and RICO violations via patenting bacterial and viral proteins for recombinant kits in order to monopolize doganostics is also, mostly a Jewish Zionist job. This is true, and nobody can take my eyes away from it, for I have studied it and know who they are. Their hate for the non-Jew, as their Talmud informs us, or the Laurianic Cabala tells us, is not a coincidence. But that's all beside the point. For naming names is far more acceptable, than blaming an entire ethnic group or WASPS as a whole, it's just that these criminals never seem to see a jail cell.

What is clear is that they want to, for at least now, have the mob (90IQ AMERICANS) precieve skeptics (not even anti-vaxxers) but safe-vaxxers to be a threat to mankind. That way in the future the conformity of the mob will take the place of government enforced action.

It's like a false flag pretext. The goal is to unify the mob under a false perception so that they become thE trumpets for war OR A DESIRED OVERT BUT ESOTERIC ACTION and the executive merely pushes them in the direction they want to go via this perception management.

Of course, there is a pesky share of dossidents and that's where reductio ad absurdum and other fallacious material comes into play; to discredit not by fact but by fallacious means. The mob will gobble this up hook-line-and-sinker.

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I don't think thats it's just 90iq adult folks that are susceptible.

The hardcore pro-vaccine propaganda is everywhere. There were a few user self story subs that I occasionally read. Even those end up with "My MIL wouldn't get a flu shot so I wont let her see my children" or even semi-passive like "Was talking to a total Karen (who is also anti-vaxxer, guntoting, etc) and ... "

I worry that teens/young adults are more gullible and naive. Their perceived peers are now bots and shills. Who protects kids from being exploited and manipulated via propaganda?

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The internet still has truth to be found. Though they continue to memory-hole information and privatize it. The millennials and the latest generation are the target here. They really don't care about anyone older. For these aforesaid generations are the future and the propagandists are well versed in controlling the psychosphere.

It's up to parents to teach their children before the state does it for them.

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Thank you. The truth about the propaganda arm is hard to swallow if you are young. The entire wing has been thrown at the youth, and they weren't ready. Poor saps were born into a lavish hell, and they got no idea who they even are.

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Teens and young adults have all the power and truth at their fingertips, whether on the internet or reading books. Unfortunately, the latter they do not do, but with endless dopamine inducing distraction I'm afraid to say we are heading into very murky waters.

It's up to the parents to teach their children!

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Some kids DO read books. Truuuust meeeeeeee____________I just may be one of them.

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It's not that simple. While parents SHOULD teach their children, they aren't all capable. Think of the parents who have their kids fix their devices or computers. Hell, back in the day, it was the kids who had to set the vcr.

Many parents aren't tech-savvy nor critical thinking enough themselves to sift through the bs out there to find the actual truth. The "truth" is not immediately accessible at their fingertips.

There seems to be a push on sites to abandon the shit sites like reddit, Facebook, youtube because hell, why bother with the nonsense? Why even try to get through to folks and past the bots, shills and idiots? I feel even that is damaging. That is where the gullible frequent and if no one even tries there, then they do control the narrative. It's like abandoning the playground because there are bullies who won't play with you because you're lame and dumb. However, if you think differently and become cool, you'll get likes! Others do eventually learn there is a better playground, but no one is left behind to tell all of the others any differently. Just seems hopeless and scary at times to realize how easy it is for folks to be manipulated, groomed and controlled.

Propagandists are the new child predators and it's entirely legal.

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I think the key to all of this is perception. I do not think they will make vaccines mandatory, rather they will promote them for convenience sake. Meaning, if you want to attend public schooling, go to the doctors, maybe even BUY AND SELL, you must be up to date on vaccine schedule.

As for the immunocompromised people, well, they never really mention them, which is quite scary. Immunity passports? Well if you are immunocompromised do you have an exclusion?

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I just want to say, we have smart people here saying all jews should die just because the cabal is incredibly jewish. I could see a bunch of scared "scientismists" freak out and say all anti-vaxxers should be slain.

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It's a bit too prevalent to just be from regular folks. That leads to why someone would be pushing to destroy any questioning or checks on vaccines. You can't even be moderate on it without someone saying that you should die and your kids be taken from you.

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I agree.