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Wait till you open the can of worms called endocrine disruptors.

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Tell us more. edit: nevermind, u/comatoast put up some good articles. If you have any to share, I'd be interested in seeing them out up though.

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The actual rate of homosexuality is around 2% - 3.5%.

It isn't that common. It just seems more common because they all up and move to the same areas to try to find other gay people. Ian McKellen says he only went into acting to try to meet other gay men.

Then you have the trenders. Most blue haired non binary kids who call themselves queer are just straight attention seekers.

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everywhere you look there is some gay person propped up. trump appointed some gay person to the head of national intelllegence that over sees the fbi nsa, cia ect... how would they even know how many gay people there are? there isn't some gay census

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There's just the normal census.

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I can count on one hand the amount of gay people I've met in my life, and I've lived in two super liberal cities before. What you describe hasn't been my experience. If anything, I see the media pushing the idea that gay people are everywhere. They are in half the commercials these days.

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I've submitted these links before, but endocrine disruptors impact us on a lot of levels. I won't go into whether or not it could impact sexual orientation, but it certainly affects sexual reproductive organs--therefore all other bodily systems in a domino effect.

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oh and ellen degeneres pysops campain came in full force in the 90's too

fall of roman empire caused by widespread homosexuality "A prominent Italian historian has claimed that the Roman Empire collapsed because a "contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy" made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes, sparking a furious row.

they used lead pipes in their major cities too and were all fucking insane...

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Possible lesbians are least of your problems with lead exposure. And even if, gays ain’t a negative issue in any manner, they just fine, nothing worth mentioning there.

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He's a rapist butthurt at the idea that there could possibly be women who would not be interested in his gross peepee.

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What the fuck is this reddit-tier quality comment.

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His account means "hail Jews" in code it's just someone fucking with your mind.

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It's turnin the frickin frogs GAY!

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maybe lead in the pipes turned her lover Iranian.

but probably. People are weak-minded fools. The government exists to keep the people weak and stupid so it can continue to steal our wealth as humans.

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No it's not lead. The lead in the pipes is not enough in most cities to affect you.

It's a combination of media, movies and entertainment. They've been pushing a lot of gay shit since 20 years ago.

The processed food is also a problem and vaccines.

But it wasn't ok to be gay years ago so they all hid.

I stopped watching movies when they started putting gay actors

They might put stuff in the water, but it's not lead

as for your mom she's probably braniwashed like everyone else and watched too much hollywood

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They found 70 micrograms per deciliter of blood in many children screened where I live. it's like this all over the country where old lead pipes are. the highest readings she and the state recorded for elevated blood levels in Flint were 38 micrograms per deciliter...

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oh really, i forgot kids got smaller bodies and can kill them easier

i still don't think that's the problem. because these lead pipes were put in decades ago before they knew the outcome

this is why houses are supposed to depriciate, like cars

so eventually it comes to a point where they tear them down

and not have hundred old houses with lead or asbestos

Bitcoin will fix this

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It's not just individual houses. The main water lines are lead in many cities. The lead lobby prevailed. Even I read earlier today about some crazy chemical that's been found in the water that I can't even remember now. Lead isn't the only problem but it would be crazy to think it's not harming people.

Vitruvius (1st c BCE) warns us for the effects of lead poisoning, both during production of lead pipes, and the application in the water supply. They were giving their children lead to chew on and using it as a sweetner...No wonder the got fucked up by the barbarians.

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Yeah I suspect big pharma through its army of psycologists helped direct attention away from chemicals and made it a case of "how dare you question my narrative I was born like this etc" whilst essentially sterilising thousands. Double edged sword depop agenda and sell more drugs. Not that I believe all are like that and don't have a problem with whatever sexuality someone is,would be interesting to see if there were any spikes around the time pharmaceuticals and pesticides etc hit.