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Based on what I've seen, it's not either/or.

Radical elements within Islam (Wahabbis) were and continue to be attacking the US whenever they have the opportunity. There's no need to deny that.

What's brilliant in the overall plan, however, is that TPTB used this element perfectly. They allowed an Al Qaeda plot to go forward and built their own plans around it. After all, CIA started Al Qaeda against the Russians in the 80s. They still had contacts letting CIA know what they were up to.

What tips the hand that there is more to the story, however, is very basic physics. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are the key players here. Even when an airplane flies into a building, the building does not fall in the way these buildings fell. Forget about the fact the buildings fell, and pay attention to the manner in which they fell. This is the crucial point. A steel-framed building after a relatively localized explosion does not disintegrate. The steel beams, being rigid, maintain a great deal (though not 100%) of their integrity. Especially when the heat applied to those beams burns at the temperature of jet-fuel, which is not remotely hot enough to melt steel. But let's say for a second that the initial heat of the explosion could melt the beam (though it couldn't, let's just say it could to follow this thought experiment). Now take a steel bar, stand it on end and melt a point in the center. We know intuitively what will happen. The bar will bend over and the top will fall to one side. This is because the melting is concentrated at that point, with the steel becoming increasingly strong moving away from that point. Thus you now have two relatively rigid bodies separated by a gap (the point of melting). This is basically what one would expect in the case of these buildings. But what happened next makes no sense at all. Instead of falling as we would expect in this scenario, the buildings literally disintegrated (that's why we focus so much on free fall speed; it couldn't have dropped at this speed with intact materials below it creating a counterforce).

Long story short, the Islamic attacks can have happened (were allowed to happen, as TPTB had all the advance notice they needed), but they could not have been the physical force that brought down these buildings. The only way for the buildings to fall as they did (remember manner matters, not just the fact they fell) is for all the steel below the point of impact to cease to exert upward forces. And the only way for that to happen is controlled demolition.

And the only way controlled demolition happens has nothing to do with 19 dudes in airplanes.

Again, look at AE 911 Truth. It's just a matter of wrapping our minds around what this truly means about our "elites", which is scary as hell, once fully absorbed.

I hope this helps.

p.s. WTC7 is even more of a giveaway, given that there is not even the pretext of an explosion in the building to explain sudden, complete, freefall collapse. There is 0% shot any of this happened without demolition. Zero.

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You literally listed other hoaxes.