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I do not claim to understand what is going on here but I want to make one observation. I have never lived in China but I have worked with many mainland Chinese who had a wide range of English abilty and something is not quite right with the English pronunciation of Dr. Yan and the Chinese man talking to Bannon. I shared Dr. li-Men Yan's interview, on an Indian news show, with a colleague who has experience similar to mine and he agreed with me. It is difficult to describe precisely but my impression is that both Dr. Yan and the man both speak and pronounce English quite well but are trying to make it appear that their English is not that good.

On another topic, there is a photo of Bannon talking to Netanyahu, both sitting as if in deep discussion. I may still have it and if I do will add it to this comment.

Should I be more specific or do you get my drift?

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If it was engineered, why couldn't it have been created in the U.S. and released in wuhan?

Remember the intentional black market thc cart pneumonia stuff? Was it a misfire? I mean, they got more flavor bans, restrictions on regular vapes, even though they didn't cause it. Could it still have been a pre-test for pneumonia treatment, hysteria and blaming the chinese?

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The virus lab in Wuhan was well known and even partly financed by Obama AND Trump, who paid $700,000 to the commies he hates so much to fund research on multiple viruses. Out of the 3.7 million US dollars originally granted to the Wuhan lab, Obama sent 3 million, letting China hating Trump send the rest of it.

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What if that was just setting the stage?

What if having pointed out concerns previously helps to show recklessness or something? No one could say that they were unaware of risks at that point. They would be the most plausible source of the virus and then everyone could hold them responsible/blame them while also try to push acceptance that it was an unplanned accident.

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Did they ever source the real ingredients that were causing that? or the whys?

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Was purportedly counterfeiters cutting with vitamin-e acetate. Supposedly, they'd order carts/packaging from china and then put whatever in them.

The whys were that they were cheap, criminal counterfeiters and that people should only use the approved sources of legal dispensaries.

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It will be a really bad public image if U.S. does that AGAIN (refer to exterminating humanity).