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wew lad, been looking for this connection for a long time. Thank you Jesus!

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I'm a little biased here. I have always thought PragerU appeared a little sketchy. (Their citing of sources, and where their money goes, are both questionable in their own right.)

But I don't think being part of 8200 is proof Israel controls prageru. It's like saying because somebody attended West Point years ago that the U.S. Military is still giving them orders.

While I agree that it raises an eyebrow I don't think it's a big enough connection.

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Once intelligence, always intelligence. Like the Mafia, there's no way out. Even a rare authentic convert would be forever tarnished unfortunately and could never be fully trusted. ie. Robert David Steele, William Binney, John Kiriakou, Thomas A. Drake, etc.

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Once intelligence, always intelligence.

Edward Snowden

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What is your point exactly? If you think that "they can't be trusted" is a valid argument to not listen you are ignorant. You are looking at the world through an "argument from authority" fallacy lens. You are basing your belief in what is said on how much authority and trust you place in the speaker. That works as a crutch for low IQ people, but that is not how I look at things. I believe in evaluating every argument on the merits of the argument irrespective of who said it or why they said it.

Furthermore, even if you show that they are constantly bullshiting about one topic that does not automatically mean that everything they say is bullshit. Not least of all because they have guest speakers who speak for themselves.

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Furthermore, even if you show that they are constantly bullshiting about one topic that does not automatically mean that everything they say is bullshit. Not least of all because they have guest speakers who speak for themselves.

When did I ever bring up an argument NOT to trust them. Trust him, Erik Prince, the SHillmen Foundation and PragerU all you want. But remember, Mossad and Israeli intelligence orchestrated 9/11. O'Keefe does what he is told and paints a partisan light on it.

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Trust him

You STILL don't get it. It has nothing to do with trust. YOU see the world through the lens of authority. It doesn't have to be that way.

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That is the ONLY way they force upon us.

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Take everything with a grain of source. Even the MSM mixes in some truth now and then to better triangulate from.

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Having a singular focus on sources is part of the same fallacy. You are just shifting the argument from authority from the speaker to the sources. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Of course facts matter, but you have to evaluate them in context. For example when someone says poverty leads to crime (sources) and black people are disproportionately poor (sources) therefore high black crime rates are caused by poverty you have to be able to dig past that and consider other evidence not presented by the speaker. You have to ask things like "do welfare programs reduce crime?" "are non black communities effected the same way by poverty?" "at what level of income does crime disappear?"

You have to be able to think for yourself. It just isn't useful to bicker back and forth over who should be trusted based on proxies like positions in authority, perceived bias, etc.

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Triangulating on the truth is a balancing act. It's never all or nothing. Many things work on many levels. Authority is to blame as is the speaker as are the sources as are the repeaters and distorters - all with their own contexts. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

To your example, you have to also consider, "did politicians plan for welfare to become a trap?", "why do they focus on small time crime that is insignificant by comparison with corporate crime?", "is there systemic historical oppression against those visibly or economically different?", "how can they expect people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps if they can't even afford boots nor are provided opportunities by those with profound abundance?", "are they weaponizing this history against society now?"

They already know crime and other problems mostly disappear after incomes of $75,000 and higher - but they intentionally keep most people oppressed and struggling so they won't organize to become more balanced like Sweden.

I agree, critical independent thought is paramount. Everyone has their legitimate views supported by their "facts" from their "trusted" sources (earned or not).

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u/jesus, I think tagging usernames in a post doesn't send them notifications in saidit, you have to tag them in a comment

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Commit sudoku

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Ok (((person)))

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Ok (((person)))

This username belongs to a jew --> Click

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u/gretathroatborg was a jew too

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I love ASCII Art! I'd make /s/ASCII_Art if I wasn't at the limit and wanted to make a banner for it.

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Advocating violence is against policy.

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Saying commit suppoku and commit sudoku are different things, the latter is used for jokes

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Ah, digital cleverness! Death by the numbers.

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Didn't even know that.

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I feel hurt my username wasn’t tagged 🙁

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I feel used since mine was. I might be traumatized for life. Especially being associated with Vigte and Canbot. ;P

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I did the first few I could post. There are other connections too, with James O'Keefe and the CIA, Erik Prince and the Shillmen foundation.

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IIRC, recently M7 pointed out that a post's text won't message a person but a comment will, so I'm mirroring the names here for you.


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wow. all ten saidit users.. all in one list.. thanks. now i can spam em.

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That's not my list.

My /s/Friends list has about 400 people who's opinions I notably respect, including regulars and rare users. So far your comments haven't earned a place on that list by piquing my interest.

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i dont personally give a fk if i am ever on your friends list. just saying..

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Your fucks aren't my priority either. Just saying.

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the customer service here sucks.

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I don't serve you.

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I'm not sure what the list of names means, or why I'm on it, or why some aren't.

I've always known Project Veritas was far from independent much less bias-free. Same with PragerU, though I've known for a month or few they were very Israeli.

I'm aware of them but not familiar enough with them to know it this is a surprise union. To me it seems like a bad/sellout move for O'Keefe. I've liked much of his work despite the bias, and only appreciated PragerU's biased propaganda rarely.

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I personally felt hurt that I didn’t make the list :(

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If it counts for anything, I would have included you - and the select few folks I invited to co-mod /s/Agenda21_Agenda2030, /s/Corporatocracy, /s/Surveillance, /s/Technocracy, etc. Or more broadly the /s/WhiteOwlSocialClub.

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Shhh!! Only those who are supposed to know, know about /s/WhiteOwlSocialClub, 😜

And thank you, I would have done the same! 😘

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Anyone can find it if they bother to look so it's not a secret, just not promoted. Unless it got good while I wasn't looking, it's a shame it didn't build into something impactful. Much potential there, aside from the censorship. Also, members can't invite others, only mod can it seems.

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I was just joking, I know anyone can find it, but no one is looking for it because no one has heard of it unless they were invited! But life happened :( I moved out for the first time, started taking intense courses at uni, and all of that unfortunately is more important.

The mods were under no obligation to do any work, just make sure the sub wasn’t infiltrated and it wasn’t. And I know, I wasn’t happy about both the fact that it technically was a form of a censorship (being invite-only), with only mods being allowed to invite naturally via the settings (I would have liked to keep it open, but that defeated the purpose, it had to be private. how else do we keep accounts with an agenda out other than the sub being invite only, and unfortunately only mods are allowed to invite on private subs - users were allowed to make suggestions or ask for others to be invited. That’s part of the reason we had seven mods from different ideological backgrounds).

Maybe one day WOSC will come back when it’s needed. SaidIt may need it some day soon.

It’s not like it isn’t still used from time to time - even the websites owners communicate messages on that sub they feel the crowd over there is mature enough to handle, like when the IP2 situation went down. Whenever a site situation goes down, users usually go there to ask questions and get authentic responses. At least it’s good for that right now.

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The censorship that bothered me was my lame-joke comment being removed on the While Owl cigars. The "private club" thing bugs me too, as I'm generally against "elites", but obviously not enough for me to unsubscribe. The latter I can deal with on this site but not IRL, the former I don't like at all.

I had assumed members could invite other members, or there might be a setting for that - no random walk-ins, yet freedom to expand for the members - and of course the mods could either collectively or singularly kick out the unwanted.

I guess I need to catch up on the WOSC. It won't be soon. I have to completely re-organize my place to be climber-cat friendly - and while I'm at it re-arrange EVERYTHING to be more ergonomic and practical - and build a year-round garden in the basement, as well as other stuff - and finish my story. Hopefully all this will break my SaidIt addiction so that I can write or build and in a few months come back with much to show.

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The censorship that bothered me was my lame-joke comment being removed on the While Owl cigars.

If that happened and I did that, that was an accident. Seriously, I hope you know I would never censor your opinion, let alone a joke. I apologize - why would I censor your joke, and you were the one iirc who found out why the sub was named what it was. The only thing the sub called for was being polite when engaging in debate, and you're polite lol. The only thing I do remember was when you were made mod, you started changing/adding a lot to the side-bar and I changed some back and wanted to talk to you about that, but that was during the beginning of all of this (I had messaged you saying I wanted to talk to you when I wasn't as busy and never did, because life got complicated rly fast, that's my fault, I'm sorry).

And yeah, It would've been really cool if users could invite other users - I assumed so too, but it wasn't possible. The idea behind it wasn't to make it an "elite club" or "elite group", but a section of SaidIt that can't be infiltrated. I may have told you b4, but that Sub stemmed from a conversation Magnora and I had both publicly and then in private. I was curious to see what would happen if I invited members I knew were good from my personal observations/interactions despite me not necessarily agreeing with them or their views, along with the other mods doing the same since members couldn't invite other members (and during this time, Magz was looking for a solution to the "Reddit Refugees" coming and not adapting SaidIt's culture and trying to enforce their culture here). I was curious if we'd see a difference between our user-base's behavior & the rest of SaidIt in 6 months to a year, if the WOSC was still active. Regardless, in the event of SaidIt being overrun and infiltrated, that sub would always exist for people to return to and discuss the situation. Having a back-up spot was kinda instilled in me by IP2 lol.

And dude I miss gardening so much, you have no fucking idea. I always thought it looked boring and only gave it a shot last year. My apt doesn't get enough Sun. Are you going to be putting up those cat climber shelf things? I was thinking of doing that too when I first came to my apt if a cat tree didn't work - they seem like a lot of work (but maybe I'm lazy lmao). I put a cat tree right next to the window where my cat could watch cars and a tree filled with birds, and she's good lmao.

Edit: And I know you wanna catch-up on the WOSC later, but check out this thread:

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PragerU is basically the independent talking-mouths of lies and limited hangouts. Their goal after 9/11 was to basically attack anyone who questioned 9/11. Even more so than the mainstream media.

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She looks nice, though.

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Sure, but she's the chief executive officer of PragerU. Many Zionist Jews and a Zionist Jew himself who is very pro-Israel Dennis Prager founded PragerU, which for the longest time after 9/11 attacked anyone questioning Israeli involvement in 9/11.

Prager worked with Bob Dole's campaign in the 1996 presidential election; when polls prior to the election showed that the Dole campaign did not have much Jewish support, Prager said this was because "American Jews are ignorant regarding the anti Israel aspects of the current Democrat Party."[27]

Guy is a pro-Israeli stooge and helped to cover-up the true perps behind 9/11 that killed 3,000 innocent people and sent tens of thousands of soldiers to fight for Israel's wars.

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LOL. She's okay, though I suppose I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating kosher crackers and being a deviant - until I was done. Then I'd Dutch oven her and her friends until they left me spent and exhausted.

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He's also deeply tied to the CNP;

“I’m going to tell you, in the coming weeks, my organization, Project Veritas Action, has spent the last year undercover inside the office,” O’Keefe said, speaking at the Council for National Policy gathering in Charlotte.

Guy is an establishment turd as much as Alex Jones.

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But with better content.

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i served in the military intelligence unit 8200 of the israeli defense force.

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i have been to epstein's island fourteen times, how is that for proof?

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I died from COVID-19 three times already. Ain't no thang.


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the covid scam has confirmed for me that many people will believe any crap lies that they hear and see on that television idiot box.

when i go to walmart and i am getting my shopping cart, the security guard always motions to me that i need to wear a mask.. i just walk up to him and say "i have lung problems".. his response is always the same... "well, we cant do anything about that, go on ahead and go in.."..

fk walmart.

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8200 is not simply an intelligence unit. It is specifically an IT unit. If she is not working today as a programmer, that means she had no actual experience working in the intelligence unit itself. She might be a cook, or some other side jobs that every unit has.

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