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She was arrested July 5th. It has not been a year. She is getting a trial, and providing evidence that will implicate others. No there will not be footage, or pictures. Not even sure what you are asking for here. I don't watch TV, especially not shitty TV shows.

And no, the legal system doesn't care about your feelings. That's not what this is about.

Now let us know what aspect of this was meant to implicate a conspiracy.

Was it this part here?


I bet it was that part there.

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Feels like over a year. Sorry I'm drunk.

I can still tell the rest of your response is garbage though.

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Your honesty, ability to skim with true clarity despite intoxication and decent grammar leads me to believe you may be one of the few who could actually successfully adopt the drunken’-fisted debate technique.

Find a Sensei asap.

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drunken’-fisted debate technique

I'll fight any man!

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Will you fight me? Go on! Punch the screen and see if I feel it!

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I have no idea what that was about. But take your up vote.

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I bet it was that part there.

Wow, that was savage.

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the gist of the post of OP was that something feels not right about the GM arrest.... yet all the comments are dumping on him.

seems legit(not)

i for myself think the whole epstein saga is theater for the masses... and something else entirely is going on. i don't think epstein is dead and i don't think she is in prison.

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If it makes you upset that Catch a Predator is catching predators you ain't in the same side against Epstein, Maxwell and their ring as the rest of us.

Don't try you use other's bad actions to distract from your own evil.

Anyone who stalks, grooms or sexually assaults children and or adults is scum. There are no excuses.

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If it makes you upset that Catch a Predator is catching predators you ain't in the same side against Epstein, Maxwell and their ring as the rest of us.

Jesus man, they are paying you too much.

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Oh yes, everyone's in a evil conspiracy against poor helpless paedos.

Do you work at twitter?

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Yes, how did you know?

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Let's be a little more honest here. Those guys literally went to sexually assault a young teenager who they groomed online. Ghisaline is obviously getting special treatment, and it is perfectly reasonable to be upset about that; but let's not diminish what those predators did. If you want to talk about unequal treatment of pedos just look to people caught with kiddie porn. When a kiddie porn sting traced hundreds of literal credit card PAYMENTS for kiddie porn to the Pentagon that investigation was quashed without anyone being charged. Meanwhile you constantly hear about people going to jail simply for possessing kiddie porn that they never paid for but simply found on the deep web or downloaded from who the fuck knows. If you are paying for it then you are literally paying for someone to create it. Meanwhile simply having it is a victimless crime.

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Yea they have one set of laws for everyone else and one set of laws for the jews.

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To be more accurate it is for people with immense amounts of money, and in a capitalist system without proper social and cultural and religious moorings this is inevitable . VOTE!!! And boycott every company with a Cultural Marxist agenda.

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These deranged thought are typical beginning of delusion.

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