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I watched the 100 tomahawk missiles that got fired at an airbase in syria, in response to the blatant false flag gas attack.

Trump had little choice, early in his presidency, as the neocons barked war.

But then, for some reason, the airbase had already been abandoned. Only broken planes and dangerously old ammunition on site. on top of that, 13 or so of these high precision missiles 'went missing'.

Reports afterwards made it clear that

a) it was a circus. In conjunction with russia, a stage show, to undermine the warhawks.

b) nothing of value was lost. A single fireman died fighting the fires, and his commander, the next day, and on his second tv appearance, had a fresh bruise on his eye, presumably where he got the bash for putting his men at risk for no purpose.

c) those 'missing' missiles hit their intended targets.

Because ISIS activity in Syria immediately ceased.

Trump's team knew where every single CIA black asset was, and they killed them.

It was a masterpiece of showmanship, and all of those who were fooled by Trump's acting going into the even must have had a very unpleasant awakening.

His CIA speech laid out his intentions, and this act of theatre established that he had the means to take the most blatant provocation and turn it against the moloch worshippers.

go Trump

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You conservatards; u/Chipit and Bob the Zionist are hopeless.


As you cheer your new President on, because his Executive Orders are “stiffing” (so you believe) the liberals and the NWO, you’re actually promoting the death of that Constitution you conservatives, Republicans and Tea-Partyists say you love! This “game” of theirs is FAR deeper than it seems you can fathom. While, what do you do when you recognise the public are on to you? You give them a “leader” and promote him by attacking him endlessly and viciously because then the people BELIEVE he’s working for them!

Such a simple, reverse psychology tactic. And your man Trump is one great actor and ZioCon!

How about that for sheer stupidity?


Remember when Trump didn't end a single war that Biden and Obama started? Trump escalated in Syria, occupied their oil fields and outright admits that he is now stealing their oil.

That's called revelation of the method. Admitting the truth and getting his base to go along with the criminality. Not that these things haven't been in the open.

Trump also escalated against Iran and assassinated who was essentially the equivalent of their vice president. US soldiers who were illegally occupying Iraq. Soleimani was working with Iraqis to fight off American terrorists for oil, opium, LNG pipelines and what not.

He's giving billions in weapons and intelligence to Saudi Arabia as they massacre Yemenis and even vetoed a bill attempting to cut US ties to the Saudi-Yemen war.

You must be pretty stupid to vote for someone who, as you say, is against the "deep state", has given the CIA (deep state) the authority to conduct drone strikes on sovereign nations.

Trump has conducted more drone strikes than Obama, civilian casualties are rising under Trump, and Trump inexplicably canceled the Obama-era directive that required the intelligence community to publicly report the number of civilians killed by drones each year.

I could keep going for a long time.

Stand your ground and vote your conscience, not the dude who is possibly a little bit lesser of two evils but not really lesser of evil due to the aforementioned terrorism Trump has committed (along with many more instances). Don't vote for a terrorist (Biden or Trump).

Trump’s Drone Kill Rate 80 Times Greater than Under Bush

It took Trump only seven months to surpass the number of civilian deaths in foreign nations that occurred during Obama’s entire eight-year presidency, according to non-profit monitoring group Airwars by Whitney Webb has been Trump’s dangerous expansion of the drone war that has authoritatively destroyed any illusion that Trump would genuinely put “America first” — and put an end to dangerous military operations abroad that only serve to exacerbate the horrendously bungled War on Terror. For instance, after gutting the already lax regulations on drone strikes and giving the CIA free rein to kill whomever they choose, it took Trump only seven months to surpass the number of civilian deaths that occurred during Obama’s entire eight-year presidency, according to non-profit monitoring group Airwars.

The covert drone war program, first created under George W. Bush, was a key part of the War on Terror [started via the 9/11 pretext orchestrated by the ZioCons, i.e., the neconservatives, Chabadniks and Likudniks] whereby terror suspects could be targeted and killed covertly. However, under his presidency, only 57 strikes were conducted in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, with between 384 and 807 civilians killed. The program was greatly expanded during the Obama administration, which conducted 563 strikes in those same countries. Now, under Trump, drone strikes targeting these countries have skyrocketed.

In 2017, the U.S. bombed Yemen 127 times alone, compared to 32 strikes conducted in 2016. In Pakistan and Somalia, the number of strikes have also increased under Trump. In Somalia, for instance, 34 drone strikes were conducted last year, the same number as all U.S. drone strikes conducted in Somalia from 2001 to 2016.

Trump’s drone assassination rate is now eight times that of Obama. Obama’s, in turn, was 10 times that of Bush, making

Trump’s drone kill rate a whopping 80 times higher than that of Bush. In other words, Trump is on track to be a record-breaking war criminal.

However, the problem is bigger than just the innocent lives claimed as a result of the “covert” drone war. Civilian deaths resulting from U.S. airstrikes in Iraq, Libya and Syria reached between 3,923 to 6,102 last year under Trump. This startling figure marks a massive increase from civilian deaths reported during the Obama administration, which was responsible for between 2,298 to 3,398 civilian deaths during Obama’s eight years in office.

Ninety-eight percent collateral damage

To quote Webb:

U.S. drone strikes kill far more civilians than supposed militants. Shockingly, more than 80 percent of those killed have never even been identified and the CIA’s own documents have shown that they are not even aware of who they are killing — avoiding the issue of reporting civilian deaths simply by naming all those in the strike zone as enemy combatants.

Trump’s dramatic reversal, played out over the first year of his presidency, is not very surprising given that his “anti-war” credentials touted on the campaign trail were falsified. For instance, Trump claimed to have opposed both the invasion of Iraq – resulting in over a million dead – and the invasion of Libya, which has resulted in a failed state now plagued by slavery and terrorism. In fact, however, he supported both of these disastrous invasions, even supporting the deployment of U.S. ground troops in Libya to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power.

The ruse of Trump’s anti-interventionism was painted in disappearing ink along his campaign trail, giving way to a presidency that has no qualms about leaving thousands of innocent civilians dead in its wake. He just wants his ignorant base to think he is anti-war.

U.S. Drone Strikes Have Gone Up 432% Since Trump Took Office

As for the increasing "antisemitism" laws being put into law, we have to ALWAYS remember that the Likudniks and ZioCons are some of, if not, the most anti-Semitic people to ever exist in this world. The Palestinians and Arabs are Semitic people. The people behind this intervention are pro-Israel ZioCons and the MIC and defense and weapons contractors hoping to make a profit off of keeping the war machine going. Why do I bring certain Jews into this? Because they were behind 9/11 and initiating this "Global War on Terror" charade.

I'm a Christian and you’re either a Jew or you’re a christian.

eartthlinggb's wordpress makes this clear:

There is NO SUCH THING as Judeo-christian. It’s a total misnomer but it is one for a very specific purpose.


Obviously, when Islam only came on the scene in 700 A.D., there would have to be a good reason for it otherwise they would just be a people who followed one of the other existing religions! So a new prophet was absolutely necessary BUT they don’t consider Jesus as a blasphemer and a false prophet (as do the jews), so what you don’t understand is beyond me!

ISLAM, like Christianity, does not believe in USURY! Judaism does! What the hell does it take to get these simple facts through your goddamned head and the penny to drop?

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Remember when Trump didn't end a single war

hahahahahahahaha you make me laugh sometimes. He fucking dynamited the very foundations of US military involvement by bringing into the light the oil issue. Ut was fucking masterful, and if you don't understand then hatred has fucked your head.

We are at war with islam, and i'm happy to see the shit bombed out of them. As i've said before, the entire middle east blowing itself to shit would not worry me overmuch.

What the hell does it take to get these simple facts through your goddamned head and the penny to drop?

you rail at me, call me names, insult me then straw man me and make out that I don't know really obvious things, then make statements like that? You've never taken the time to try and understand what I'm saying. You always pick up one or two parts, then go on massive insane rants about them, totally ignoring everything else because your worldview just can't cope.

I get you, Jesus. I'm pretty sure I know where you are coming from That's why I'm able to press your buttons so easily. You've got this little model of the world, and its very simple, very clear. You can apply it to anything, and the same patterns emerge. But that's not because that is how the world is, its just because your model has so few parts, such a low resolution, than anything grinds down to the same few pixels looking black.

Its as if you've got a 20x20 black and white model, when the rest of us use 1080p 24bit . We can show you the prettiest of landscapes, and you'll just see white over black, and blame the zionists.

You look at me and you see a conservative zionist. Which is hysterical. keep it up. OR better, go drop some acid and meditate

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We are at war with islam, and i'm happy to see the shit bombed out of them. As i've said before, the entire middle east blowing itself to shit would not worry me overmuch.

Okay Likudnik loving Zionist. You're complicit in the crimes of Israel and the US government period.

Imagine ignoring everything I posted and then laughing about it. You're a Ziocon so of course you would deny the proof that Trump is a degenerate ZioCon that allowed the CIA to conduct their own drone strikes. Please stop. I gave you sources. You've given me half-truths and cognitive infiltration.

Trump isn't part of the anti-establishment crowd, he is playing a role at the behest of Israel.

You also might want to read Israeli news which shows that Assad, Trump and Putin are seen as friends more than the unipolarists would have you believe. The Syrian Balkanization operation was completed. The next stage is Iran.

And Trump hired all the warhawks and 9/11 perps to get it done, it is only a matter of time.

Also, you're post is basically one big fallacy.

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Okay Likudnik loving Zionist.

remember to take your meds.

Imagine ignoring everything I posted

I read it, and replied to it. I've tried explaining my position to you before, but you don't have the ability to see the world outside of your little black and white picture. "its the zionists!!!!!!!!" ad nauseam

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You already said elsewhere you were a Zionist, so, no, no meds for me.

And Trump is a Likudnik stooge.

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I don't need to understand you when you spout crap like this:

i'm happy to see the shit bombed out of them. As i've said before, the entire middle east blowing itself to shit would not worry me overmuch.

You're a degenerate Zionist. You're probably happy that the same people who did 9/11 are the same people behind the person you're voting for.

If not, then, what is your take on 9/11? Whatnis your take on a life-long democrat turned faux conservative; who spits on the constitution and has hundreds of ties to thr mob, criminal Zionist terrorists and pedophiles like Roy Cohen.

Justify how Trump could have allowed the CIA to be masters of their own war policy; when JFK was killed trying to prevent such a thing. Justify this! Justify how he can do all these things I have posted abovw, step by step, and then also be against the so-called "deep state."

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You're a degenerate Zionist.

You keep saying that. at this point, I'm sure you'd say the same about uncle Adolph.

Justify how Trump could have allowed the CIA to be masters of their own war policy

Justify a false statement? nope.

Justify this! Justify

I cannot Justify your broken world view. It is beyond justification.

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So, who did 9/11?

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You could have basically cut out 95% of this post and said this:

I love Trump because he is a Zionist and we are at war with Islam and I don't care if they are all blown to smithereens.

But wait, that's basically the CIA's policy? Oh wait, that is basically Trump's Likudnik friends policies? Oh wait, your reasoning makes zero sense because Trump appoints these people and has given the CIA full control over unconventional warfare.

Stop while your ahead. You've already exposed your bias against Islam. A war that Trump loves to arm and fund, such as the Saudis.

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You could have basically cut out 95% of this post

Thank you for clearly and unambiguously confirming what I said about resolution. you do indeed throw out 95% of the information presented to you.

and yes, fuck Islam

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There's nothing worth reading except two mainstream articles you posted. Esoteically reading them, I instead got the impression that Trump was suppose to play the role of an anti-establihsmemt president, even though he obviously isn't.

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Tom was right, God bless.

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it's just one incident though isn't it, plus there's no real reason to invade Syria anymore, there is no threat from the Arab world to Israel that can't be managed with espionage, illegal drone strikes, an every increasing pool of mercenaries and sanctions. Even at this point, if every Arabic country in north Africa/West/Central/South Asia united, Israel could beat them all thanks to stolen technology. The American people also made it clear they do not want an invasion of Syria, it would have been presidential suicide. Even congress turned it down for Obama. He was never getting re-elected if he went ahead with a ground invasion.

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it was a gigantic bitch slap to the warhawks, and ended CIA support of isis. But sure, it was 'just one incident'. Haters gunna hate.

He also totally exposed the oil industry interest in Syria, ending their covert moves. He great at 'championing' the underhand shit that's been going on, blowing it into public consciousness and ending it. His exposure of us involvement in Venezuela was hilarious.

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ended CIA support of isis

Where's that coming from?

totally exposed the oil industry interest in Syria, ending their covert moves

can you source?

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fucking hilarious

the cia isis bit i've not seen spelt out in a quotable mainstream source, but the gist of it is buried in this article. The rebels were of course, Isis.

Official shuttering of operation happened two months after the head of the snake was removed.

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I know, right? Such a same 8chan is gone, we used to have some excellent sources post there. Real insight into the games that the media so fails to cover

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Look at what Israel and Netanyahu have to say about Assad. They actually like the guy..... hmmmmm.

Exactly, the neocons are playing it safe. Just like they did under DPG in the 90's. They work by noble lies and false flags.

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while i don't think trump is working for the american people, or have their best interests at heart, and i definitely think biden is a shit show from the beginning, i have to say it doesn't matter who is in power because there is always something 'bad' because good news doesn't sell. govt. is only there to remind the people that they need more govt. fear and scare tactics reign supreme

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I agree. And the wars are still ungoing in soverign nations. Trump has killed far more innocent people in drone bombings than Obama in his two terms. Now they don't even collate collateral damage.

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it doesn't matter who loses, the establishment wins