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I see zoomers from watching IP2 streamers from time to time. They have this dead look in their eyes like they've come back from the front in WW1. Most of them have probably lived their best life already by 20 so it's only downhill from there and a shit ton are taking drugs young. Imagine when depression sets in when they're older.

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are taking drugs young

Hey now... many fine upstanding Americans use drugs.

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not daily from age 12 though

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Yeah our godless society nowadays just teaches us to accept what they tell us, believe their "science" instead of our Lord and true science. Everything in the name of progress, it's like Babylon, we're a huge collection of degenerates swimming in our filth. Don't worry though things will change soon. The great reset won't happen. We'll bring back the good Christian kingdoms and empires to stop Israeli infiltration and return faith. I see that mindless look you say in school, everyone else just uses fucking social media all the time and wears their masks, talks about how Trump is great or evil. It's terrible but don't worry brother, Jesus will return after the King comes and fixes it

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Tel Aviv is one of the most gayest cities, actually, it's more gayer than San Fran, on the planet. Trump is godless and a freemasonic atheist, same with Biden.

Yeshua is the only truth.

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Yeshua is the only truth

How many virgins do we get with this one?

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None. The Kingdom of God is within.

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Inside the virgins? Well, fuck. Good thing I brought a sharp knife and a parka. This is about to get messy.

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Only a very insular family that exposes them in lesser doses and explains thoroughly the state of things today can save them. Even then you'll have to be very careful with adolescence. In the end, it might or might not work, but they will definately grow up more prepared then the average Joe who let the world raise their own kids.

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If you're looking for the source then you are looking in the wrong direction. You need to take a close look at the epidemic of single mothers.

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I think it's kind of good for kids growing up right now that network tv and cable is kind of a thing of the past so they see less ads than before

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Instagram is bad. I don't see much Jesus preaching there but I do see a lot of 'me culture' and photos of not it so meek people. It's all about not caring and flaunting your ego.

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Speak for yourself snowflake. Trump MAGAT's (and Repubtards in general) have a hard time with critical thinking.

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No one political party has the monopoly on that one. Like George Carlin said, look around, half the people you see are even dumber than you are.