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I wouldn't say I'm paranoid, per se, but I have a healthy distrust that more government will make my life better. it forces me to be capable of providing for myself and having backup plans for any situation. that allows me to not depend on them, and in turn be critical of them, aka listen to what they call 'conspiracy theories'.

This war against conspiracy theory or whatever you want to call it is just the mainstream media's way of making people more dependent on them. we're not far away from everyone proclaiming 'electrolytes have what plants need'.

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Perhaps on a personal level this could be turned around to our benefit. When someone we know brings up a government sanctioned meme, like the ChinaVirus, we could say "Oh that government conspiracy!" Then relate the story of the mass vaccinations during the Ford administration in 1976. If we laugh off the government's lies often enough, with a "tut tut" attitude then perhaps people may begin to question them.

*That is the year President Gerald R. Ford announced a crash program to ”inoculate every man, woman and child in the United States” against swine flu. But the virus never became a killer, and vaccinations were halted two months after they began after reports that 500 people who received the shot developed a paralyzing nerve disease and more than 30 of them died.*   "This virus will kill 1 million Americans," declared the U.S. in 1976. The panic then has a lot to teach us today.

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we could say "Oh that government conspiracy!"

You could. But why would you want to? Simply sharing the relevant story seems like a much better idea.

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Have you ever shared relevant stories with average people, stories that go against the media propaganda they have been indoctrinated with? personally I just tell people nothing now. They are lemmings heading for a cliff, let them go over in the comfort of their false securities. Telling the truth in this day and age is pointless, and dangerous.

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I was taken by your remark about the dopamine hit you get from knowing secrets.

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The cornerstones of conspiracy research are Robison, Barruel, Morse, Nesta Webster and Douglas Reed. No one pushing the latest "it gives conspiracy buffs a sense of control" talking points will recommend to you the proper conspiracy literature.

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It's crazy how humans minds are literally unable to percieve what the heart is not ready to. I walked into the bathroom once and my brother was standing there buck naked, however I DID NOT SEE HIM NAKED. Everything around him was in great detail. The tile of the walls and floors, the toothbrush holder the edge of the bathtub and shower curtain, the light fixture. I had to hear him say "get the hell out!" So I did. I never saw this nakedness. People DO NOT WANT to see the evil of the world, especially how they might be taking part and contributing to it. It's just too inconvenient! Your heart has to be ready to recieve the truth. The interweb is amazing. You can answer any question you set out to find the answer to. It may not be as easy for some questions as for others, but if you have the time and dedication, you can conclude most any search. IF YOU WANT TO. And didn't George Bush Sr coin the term "conspiracy theorist"? Makes sense. Does it really matter, to share this information? Does it change anything? I guess for myself, I'm comforted by "peers" but I'm certainly not happy to be labeled this. In fact, I'm trying to be quiet, and be still, but then I got an account to vote and now I'm a bigger mouth then I intended already. This whole thing has been going on for such a long long time. I've never read any of the authors listed above. I've just had a crazy life and keep noticing things, sore thumbs and what not. I keep trying to make sense of the world around me, and feel right in the way that I'm walking. Unfortunately that it's a recipe for disaster. I love to pray to God about these things. Especially with other people.That's what works for me. Even alone.