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99% of these types of groups/individuals (including Gaffney) can be traced back to the Council for National Policy. It's basically a clone of the CFR, but focuses on manipulating conservative, Christian and conspiracy bubbles. Nice find!

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The CNP was founded by Paul Weyrich who is another Catholic. Prior to founding the CNP, Weyrich and Ed Feulner (Jesuit-trained Catholic) started the Heritage Foundation. The Deep State is Catholic-controlled.

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The fake trad-Catholics.

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We in the anti-Jesuit sphere (primarily Eric Jon Phelps, Southern Israelite and myself) have been saying for years there is going to be a third party and right-wing resistance movement that will be Catholic-controlled. Here we have a huge Catholic deep state asset, Jesuit-trained Frank Gaffney (also involved with 9/11 crusade in the middle East via his Center for Security Policy) starting the predicted Catholic third party. Those who are attaching themselves to this movement are going to be subjugated to Roman Catholics and sacrificed pursuant to elimination of the second-age man in Joachim of Fiore's prophecy. Nick Fuentes, a young Roman Catholic man, is being set up as the next leader of this movement.

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Eric Jon Phelps is a shill who pushes the flat earth Psyop, is a self-admited Israel lover and diamond dealer.

His book is full of disinfo.

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Nick Fuentes is a shill. And a fake Catholic. It's not even hard to see this. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.

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Is not Gaffney Jewish?

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Also, Murdoch, Woolsey, and Rodman have Jewish ancestry.

The Catholic has been hijacked by crypto-Jews and masons.

Whatever he is, he acts in the interests of Israel. And I know that int eh early inception of the US Jews fronted masonic lodges and used false names.

Solzhenitsyn shows this in his book in regards to the Bolsheviks. Of course, wikipedia states that Solzhenitsyn never said this, and if he did, it is anti-Semitic.

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The Catholic has been hijacked by crypto-Jews

No. Cringe.

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Yes, no cringe.

Opus Judeo, JESUITS aligned with Francis and Bergoglio himself promote anti-Christ noahidism and Talmudic blasphemies.

They promote the inclusiveness of religious fundementalist Judaism and gut Yeshua's teachings.

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What absolute garbage. The Vatican II ecumenical movement encompassing the Catholic-Jewish reconciliation was initiated by the Jesuits, not Jews.

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Yes, and also many Noahide rabbis who happend to be Jewish were at that council. Lots of them. But I never mentioned this ecumenical movement, you did.

Jesuits have been infiltrated by cryptos and ideological subversion for many years now.

That photo alone shows that Bergoglio is co-opted and after all, he does promote Talmudic noahidism which the racist rabbis preach as 'universalism.'

Whatever the modern form of Jesuitism is, it is similar to that of marrano Jesuitism. But all that is beside the point when we have Bergoglio seen here taking photo-opt with the most anti-Christ of peoples, who are also Pharisaical.

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Do you have anything to say about the link I posted? Why are Jewish Rothschilds hanging out with the Pope? Why does the Pope promote Chabadnik Noahidism? There might be a link between the Jews of Babylon and the Catholic rites that parallel Babylonian culture.

Also, do you promote Barry Chamish, who admitted that certain Zionist Jews did 9/11 but that NETANYAHU was not at fault.

Do you have any write-ups on Netanyahu and the Likud?

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What's your opinion on The World Jewish Congress?

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Yes, the false marrano and Israel aligned Jesuits.

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The Vatican and its Jesuit pope endorse a two-state solution. Cope, NEET.

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And many Zionists do too. I support a one state solution where all Palestinians and Jews have rights.

Now, stop while your ahead.

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Yes AIPAC as traitors to their own people have voiced support for a two state plan. How can you say that like it possibly helps your case?

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Okay, then speak out about AIPAC. 90% of funds to Israel and Zionist causes as JEWISH. Grant F. Smith writes on this in more detail. AIPAC is also anti-Christ and anti-Americanism.

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Okay, then speak out about AIPAC.

I literally just linked you a video about how AIPAC is submitted to the Jesuits.

90% of funds to Israel and Zionist causes as JEWISH.

It's all military funding. I showed this in the video. It is for the defense of the modern Jesuitized Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Shimon Peres already gave the Old City and all of its holy sites including the Temple Mount to the Vatican.

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So, what do you support then? A two or one state solution? Do you support full rights for the Palestinian people who have been tormented by the racist state of Israel for 80 years?

The problem with the two state solution is that Zionist Jews and Zionist non-Jews alike, can continue to use this position as a bargaining chip indefinitely perpetuating the settler agenda.

On the other hand, the one state solution, is also being promoted by many Israelis under the threat that
Palestinians must convert to noahidism.

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The problem is that est. 94% of funds for Zionist causes come from the Jewish establishment in the US. Unknowing or knowing of the impact this funding causes.

Only 6% come from the extorting of preachers and hierarchy of Their churchgoers in the duped 'Christian' Zionist establishment.

That can be read on Grant F. Smith's website.

My take is simple. I disagree wholeheartedly with Judaism. For it is anti-Christ. But Christians, Jews, muslims, Israeli or Palestinian, should come under one country with FULL POLITICAL and Personal rights. This will never happen if the laws of Yeshua, whether, we are to believe in his divinity or not, are not followed.

In order to do this, the Likud would have to be disbarred from holding any political power.

The problem is, noahides and Jewish fundamentalists dictate the racist policies of the ethnostate.

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By the way. I know that distributists like Chesterton and Belloc advocated for Zionism. They believed that Jews were alien to states and would cause problems.

I knownthere was a wing of the Vatican that advocated for Zionism with help from the Rothschilds.

First, Jews must call out that funds to the Zionist cause come primarily from Jews in the US.

Like in every group, there are criminals in its ranks.

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So, do you support United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334? John Kerry is an incorporated skull and bones member, so whether he says he is Catholic or not, is beside the point. His ancestry is Jewish and worked for the Sassoon banking family with ties to Rothschild.

Kerry did make some good points on Likudnik supremacy, however, which is odd to say the least.

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I thought he was.