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Okay, then speak out about AIPAC.

I literally just linked you a video about how AIPAC is submitted to the Jesuits.

90% of funds to Israel and Zionist causes as JEWISH.

It's all military funding. I showed this in the video. It is for the defense of the modern Jesuitized Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Shimon Peres already gave the Old City and all of its holy sites including the Temple Mount to the Vatican.

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A video doesn't cut it. 94% of all funds to Zionist causes come from Jewish establishment.

I know that Jews will be destroyed by the anti-Christ. They have to repent and follow Yeshua. Christians preach the gospel in Israel only to be spat on and assaulted by the Orthodox community.

There is a Jewish sect which wants control of the Holy land and a Catholic Sect. I'm not denying that.

We know who killed JFK. That was neo-Fascist CIA, the Irgun/Mossad and Freemasons under the P2 lodge.

There is a mutual agreement between Zionist Jews and the neo-Catholic P2 lodge that situates itself with the Rothschilds.

The meek, stoic Catholics have little control anymore.

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You haven't challenged a thing I've said.

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You cherry pick. Schumer was also financied by the Falic family which funded terrorist Zionist Jews who advocate for the ethnic cleansing and deportation of muslims from Israel.

The Yea's and Nay's of legislation are mere political jockeying. That way, you can control the opposition.

Also, your self-defined 'Jesuits' and masons who learn in 'Jesuit Schools' (I did) does not mean that they are Jesuits or Catholics.

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You posted a video. I wanted some answers. You ignored my questions.

I take it the 'Catholic' sect has geopolitical goals in mind when it comes to Israel. I'm sure Jewish zionists do as well.

I don't think one stands above the other controlling every move the other makes.

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