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So what happens when you reach the edge of the Earth? How come that if you keep going Westward, you end up where you began? Did you teleport to the other edge along the way?

And how come that if a ship arrives from the horizon, first its mast becomes visible, then the rest?

What do you make of the photographs made in space but inside of Earth's orbit? Or the photos of Earth made from unmanned spaceships. All fake? (I'm not trying to debate you about the moon landing.)

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Map is set to 'scroll', which is why it 'appears' to be connected in a round fashion. Yes, you teleport to the exact matching spot on the other edge. The 'visual tunnel' allows both sides to be seen as 'fusing' together, so both sides even appear to be connected from close up. 😛

The earth is actually flat in some places. They make some amazing laser-leveling grading machines to make huge fields incredibly flat. "1/16 inches at 100 feet"

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So what happens when you reach the edge of the Earth?

antarctica surrounds us.

How come that if you keep going Westward, you end up where you began?

north pole is north. attach a string to a basketball pole. walking around it with string. the compass points north, and just like the string, when you 'walk' around the 'globe' .. did you go around a globe? did you fall off anything? did you prove anything?

or simple example. if you drive in a circle, have you gone around the globe?

And how come that if a ship arrives from the horizon, first its mast becomes visible, then the rest?

this is not true, as a nikon p900 camera can bring the ENTIRE SHIP back into focus AFTER DISAPPEARING

so it didn't go anywhere, and what you saw had to be an optical illusion, one that repeats on the p900 camera if you keep watching.

it actually appears to me to act like a mirage, including a mirror effect .. not the ship going 'below the curve'

What do you make of the photographs made in space but inside of Earth's orbit?

hilarious works of shitty art. the 'earth' keeps changing (continent size!!) if you look at nasa's pictures.

All fake?

yup. how much did all the 'space programs' take in collectively (monetarily)?

i'd guess it would be reason enough to lie, but then tack on all the lies that are based upon it..

including.. but not limited to..

the medical industry (if you know the earth is flat, more likely you look to God for solutions, once that begins.. they end)

well shit.. that would just spoil their system of ripping us off, and given healthy and divinely inspired folks linked up with the source of all that is..


this bullshit would end real fast.

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This triggers the Flat Earther.

Yes, Dave's a douche of reddit proportions. But maybe that's why his destruction of the Flat Earth theory is so entertaining. The flatters simply can't address the points he's made previously in the series. Part 4 addresses the scope a secret flat earth conspiracy would have to cover.

Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science - Part 4: The Conspiracy

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This guy just goes on about all kinds of conspiracies flat earthers believe, he shows no real world demonstration as to how the earth is a ball. It doesn't trigger anyone. heres a video of demonstrable evidence in the real world of a high altitude balloon with a fish eye lens. Here is a video of a high altitude balloon without a fish eye lens

The guy in your video asks what do the people who run the world gain from this lie. NASA's 2020 budget was $22.6 Billion of tax payer money.

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The flatters simply can't address the points he's made previously in the series.

Haven't yet had a flatter address any of his debunkings. It's always a subject change. Even with this video, is it really millions of people in on the hoax?

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Flat-Earthers all around the globe believe this.

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It has nothing to do with belief, it has to do with demonstrable facts in reality. The heliocentric model is not scientifically demonstrable in reality, you can not have a high pressure system next a vacuum.

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I was trying to be punny.

What's above or below or beside the plane? Turtles all the way down?

You don't understand physics.

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You have no idea who I am or what I know. You are assuming from the heliocentric model that the flat earth just suspends itself in space like your ball. It doesn't. Flat as fuck, notice the sun spot on the clouds as well. The suns 93 million miles away though.

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It's clear you don't understand physics.

Flat Earth is nonsense and you're here to waste people's time.

Feel free to do so and eventually everyone will ignore you.

No more time for you today.

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I can't believe this is a conspiracy sub, there's no conversation look at that video there is no curve. I bet you're the type of guy who can see it from a plane window, until Neil deGrasse Tyson tells you that you can not.

You don't understand basic debate, nvm basic demonstrable physics.

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Like ghosts, spiritualism, horoscope, Big Foot, UFOs, lizard royalty, and the Mandela effect, flat Earth is a woo-conspiracy designed to distract from and discredit ALL conspiracies that expose or challenge power.

30,000 feet is NOT even close to being high enough.

Also fuck Tyson and his scientism. The blind faith dogma in the benevolence of corporations making obscene profits from their allegedly safe but very secret and privatized so-called "science". Authentic science is a transparent discovery and open verification process (not settled) of elimination based on a hypothesis. Since many factors may corrupt this process it must be openly verifiable to eliminate junk science from legitimate results.

I don't debate over retarded shit. I've been generous thus far. Last time. No more. STAB somewhere else.

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If it was that simple so called scientists would debate the issue and put it to rest for good instead of censoring people exploring the idea. Your inability to detach emotion from the subject just shows how bias and indoctrinated you are as well as immature.

Instead you have chosen to dismiss the subject.

It's pathetic that all the conspiracy subs even on other sites, not just this one have bought in to the propaganda used against flat earthers. Conspiracy subs used to be a great place to talk about crazy woo woo shit. I guess conspiracy now just means to distrust your government in certain areas but not believe they would lie to you about the nature of reality. Now that is some mental gymnastic bullshit right there.

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I've engaged dozens of you over the last 7-8 years. They always shut up when I point out their flaws. Few are as tenacious as you. Maybe after I've finished my big post over the next day or two we can dance or play or whatever you're pushing. It's not belief. It's reasoning and logic and math. Leave me alone until then.

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Check 'professor dave's' debunking playlist for a bunch of flat earth videos. The points he makes in the videos covering different types of debunking are poison to the flatters, and they absolutely will not touch or respond to his arguments.

This last is the one I posted above.

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Heres a bonus video russia in space.

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ball earther's believe there is something 'out there' that can get them.

if that isn't the most hilarious and dumb shit ever ..

nothing you say can even touch that.

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Turtles all the way down.

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nobody bothered to respond to this.

bring it ball earther. if you are truly rational, you will become a flat earther.

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The apple fell from the tree downword because it is more dense than air. It really is that simple.

Why not fall upwards then?

Man is the measure of all things, Darwin himself claimed the human eye and how it can depict beauty like a sunrises goes against the nature of survival of the fittest.

All cells can perceive light. Cells in the eyes are just slightly more specialized.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

The movement of the sky creates waves on the earth. This way the earth follows the sky. Celestial bodies give it life, and decide the direction of this life. The earth is where we live, the sky is the totality of universe, the God is what forces all things to move, it directs everything in the world but isn't its part.

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Helium goes up because its lighter than air an apple is not. That is demonstrable in reality the gravity pressure system next to a vacuum is not.

The earth doesn't follow the sky it is stationary. The fermament pivots from polaris and rotates through the zodiac.

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goes up because its lighter

So, why does the lighter always go up? Why does the heavier always go down?

The earth doesn't follow the sky it is stationary.

Maybe. But the fact that the earth changes its shape depending on the position of the celestial bodies, to the extent where such changes can be predicted, has been known and used for a very long time.

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This is why gravity has nothing to do with it.

Who decides where is up and where's down?

The earth doesn't change shape the zodiac rotation is a cycle and will go around until the end of time.

Day and night cycle, four seasons, ocean waves, weather. Even if you deny all global changes.

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The flat earth model accounts for all of these I do not deny any of them.

Climate change is real the only part I am denying is that global bit.

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Edges I still want to know about edges 🥱 Tell me about edges

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It's either behind military protection at the south pole, or it's an infinite plane beyond the ice wall at the south pole.

You'd really think someone would have posted pics of either by now, since they would be the most famous images ever. "Pics of the Edge!" The conspirators control can't be that powerful.

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Ask an edgelord. All I know is that it's turtles all the way down.

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No one knows whats beyond the ice wall that circles the earth except the government agencies that created the Antartica treaty to supposedly protect wildlife. Funny they couldn't give a shit about wildlife within the Amazon and places like that but protect sheets of ice.

I'm not sure why everyone assumes it has an edge, unlike the mainstream religion of science flat earth scientists will admit they don't know what they don't know. Science is never settled but mainstream has bullshit string theory for everything. Steven Hawkings was on eptiens flight log, freemasons the occult and intelligance agencies is something people in conspiracy subs should already know about.

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That’s an awful lot of people keeping a secret. Not sure we have it in us.

If the earth is flat, why can’t one see a 6’ high boat from the shore that is 6 miles away?

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Look no further, all evidence has been provided here:

🔍"The Earth Is Flat & Stationary: Destroying The Freemasonic Luciferian Globalist "Globe" Lie" 💊

Note: The earth is a multi dimensional hollow tree of life realm, with flat planes of land at different elevations / dimensions, enclosed within firmaments

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The youtuber calling himself 'professor dave' destroys the flat earth claim using a variety of humorous methods. I've never had a flatter yet willing to attempt to rebut his arguments, because we all know you're trolling.

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In my article I have a video which debunks all of that in one video. You are a masonic Jesuit shill cuck. The world is waking up to the biggest deception and you are scared hahahahah!!!!!

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I've never had a flatter yet willing to attempt to rebut his arguments

Thanks! I've been needing a laugh today. 😁