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How is that any different from Christian supremacy or Muslim supremacy?

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Notice that both Muslims and Jews have a non-universal application of laws. That is, you can do things to outsiders which you cannot do to fellow believers. While Christ is stricter with his disciples than with outsiders.

Notice that Christians cannot bear false testimony. Whereas the other two permits lies "for the greater good".

Notice that Christian is not a club, that is you are not Christian because you get baptized. You are Christian when you ACT like one. Matthew 12:46-50

Notice that the Christian hierarchy is inverted. "Who wants to be the greatest among you" Matthew 23:11... The pope is servus servorum. This is why Christ washed feet of DISCIPLES and this is why pseudopope Bergoglio washed feet of Muslims (he wants to build a NWO religion throwing christians under the bus).

Both Christians and Muslims are against usury.

Christians (at least those who did the homework) don't trust the priests or the fellow believers fully, having been warned about wolves in sheep's clothes.

In general you should hope Christians fully follow their faith, and that Jews and Muslims choose to ignore their supremacist doctrines.

Unfortunately there are very few Christians as defined above.

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Very well put, thank you for this.

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20-25 years maximum, and in that time they want a messiah to arise to save them? Why don't they simply produce their own "messiah", rather than wait for what is inevitable?

Also, what sort of Earth-modification are they employing to survive the ELE?

I have no other thought in my mind but to burrow like a badger in some nice high place, and that's what they are doing in Denver, Pike's Peak, and Antartica, it seems.

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Well their demented view of their satanic religion makes them believe that if they CREATE the conditions for their "messiah", they will FORCE it to manifest. So in a sense, they are very much producing their own messiah, at least in their demented view. Humans don't know how to survive an ELE however, so they truly feel the need for some "higher power" to come and save the "chosen ones"...

Earth Modification tech ala Gates is dusting the atmosphere. They use the "global warming" hoax to cover up that the idea is that if they can create the right kind of particle/dust mix with the right properties, perhaps they can use a power reactor to give at least some bubbles on the Earth, protection against the cosmic rays once the magnetic field is collapsed? As for the micronova, hell... Ask Gates OK?

High places get cooked by cosmic rays, even low places, and if you are on the "wrong" face of the Earth when the micronova hits, you'll be cooked if you're on high ground, and drowned if you are on low ground. Probably drowned anyway in the new Great Flood, since the crust will tilt 90 degrees on its axis, making the new geographic poles somewhere in Northern South America and somewhere in Indonesia or the Philippines.

This sounds ludicrous, but it appears that the crust, which is relatively thin, is MAGNETICALLY LOCKED onto the mantle and the magnetic field collapsing unlocks the crust, allowing it to tilt. Given the masses of ice at the poles, unlocking the crust would force the poles to come to the equator through centrifugal force, and each time the crust unlocks, the mass of ice at the geographic poles forces a 90 degree rotation of the crust. There is ample geological evidence of all this.

I would say in absolutely rational terms, Elon Musk's plan is the best: Establish a base on a moon of Saturn, far enough from the Sun that the micronova isn't that huge a problem, and have a nuclear power plant strong enough to power an electromagnet that protects against cosmic rays. In theory it should be possible, especially if we end up getting fusion energy power by then.

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I'm at 35 feet, and 2000 feet from the 175,000,000 cubic miles of the Pacific. I'll be about a mile under water if I'm still around on the next day the earth stands still.

Between the talk by the Q-tards of the DUMBS, the 'missing' trillions of $$$, and this upcoming event, I wonder if they really are building massive underground facilities to try to survive this.

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Looks like the LXXX account has dropped by. At least he's not a teenage boy pretending to be a girl who wormed his way into an admin position on saidit in order to destroy the site.

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This is why you are on my friends list.

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Are they just going to sit around, scheming away, hoping their schemes gets them some holy savior? Or, are they going to "create" their own? It would be pretty crazy if the Jews claimed their messiah has arrived. I'd be pretty shocked, honestly.

Your solution, which is the most rational, would also require new administrations in at least a few countries to be accomplished fairly and in time for it to work. Sort of a pipe dream in my eyes, but that is only because any change of administration will be violent, and wars like that can last a long time, if both sides are determined.

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I have not talked about "my" solution. It involves none of the above.

The Jews create their Messianic Arrival conditions by enslaving us all through a worldwide totalitarian communist government, and then building their "3rd temple" in Jerusalem to rule over all goys. They're doing a damned fine job of it too. I have no doubt they can have all these conditions met by 2030.

Their problem is, no demonic entity has ever saved anybody.

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I misread your last paragraph. You said "in absolutely rational terms" and I'd like to know what your solution is, and if it is rational in any way? I'm sure your terms are more than just rational, so please, explain for the benefit of those here. These are simply questions I have while reading your post and comments. I am not trying to say anything at all about your personal views.

Jews wait around for a false promise.

It does look like the post has been upvoted unnaturally, as Node said.

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Yeah definitely artificial upvotes. I've seen it done to Zyxeven or however he spells his name, too.

My plan is to take a plane and crash into the Bermuda triangle when the portal to Atlantis opens. If I fail to obey the urge to do so, I will die. I heard it's happened to a lot of people before, so it wouldn't be such an unusual outcome. But I am keeping my mind clear, so I am somewhat confident I will be able to take the call and just up and leave.

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Yup... my post was upvoted unnaturally too and it wasn't me.

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These are Messianic Talmudic Jews, correct?

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Well they are Supremacist Jews, I don't know about the rest. It might be a mix, for all I know and care. But I'm sure you could categorize every strain in the appropriate order... ;-)

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Good, insightful, etc. Why was Jerusalem near the center of so many religions? Let's see, and please add anything I forgot and there are many I'm sure: Judaism...that's all.

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Wait, there's also... Jews.

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Those looks like a lot of videos. Is the channel yours? If so, it's great that the videos are around five minutes long, but it sucks that you don't include subtitles or captions for your videos.

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No, the channel is not mine. I just learned a lot from it, and then tied it in with some other stuff I know. The material is high quality and the author makes things easy to grasp, ESPECIALLY if you start from the beginning (The Sun series).

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Well, either way, your theory doesn't make sense. The elites are trying to decimate the populace before an extinction level event? Why bother wasting the resources wiping out people who're going to die during this ELE? It makes more sense for them to just build up their secret shelters, wait for the event to pass, and leave the event to be the thing that kills us.

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Why bother wasting the resources wiping out people who're going to die during this ELE?

Because BAAL demands it, or they don't get their "messiah".

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Reads like witchcraft is involved, which I'm not too savvy on. What little I do understand requires a ritual and the formation of circles. How do they plan to get so many sacrifices into them?

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Within 20, 25 years MAXIMUM, most life on Earth will die.

Assuming that world leaders know, what the hell is Russia up to with trying to secure Crimea by invading Ukraine? It's clear Russia is making long term plans and that the water in Ukraine is the key to Crimea. If ELE starts in 20 years, then why the big push?

I would understand if the event is more like a dimming of the sun (where farm land will be key to produce food), and Ukraine is key to food production, but what you describe (earth tilting and poles shifting) long term securing of Crimea does not make sense.

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And why can you go to your local bank and take out a 30-year mortgage (if you have some collateral)?

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why can you go to your local bank and take out a 30-year mortgage (if you have some collateral)?

Because they can pump more money into the system with the loans.

They're going to collapse the current fractional reserve system for the public, and replace it with UBI.

Loans will still be issued to the elite.

"Stake Holder Capitalism" - Satan Klaus (Schwabb)

"Stake holder capitalism" is a terrible description for an economic system; highlighting the creative boundaries of these psychopaths.

The "stake" may be a veiled reference to the vampiric nature of usury.
The vampires are working on safely and effectively culling the herd.

This confusing stakeholder description reminds me of some Chinese diplomats who were visiting Australia a few years ago.

These diplomats were confused (angered and indignant) at a ribbon cutting ceremony (IIRC), because Australian politicians repeatedly indicated that they were Chinese... "stakeholders".

None of them understood the metaphor. Some suspected they were being described as junior partners; who would hold steaks for the Aussies, or similar variations, etc.

Finally, one Chinese politician stood up and asked, "What do you mean by the term 'stake holders' you sheepish Aussie cunts?" <paraphrasing>

The tension was quickly abated, and both sides got a laugh out of it.

Then they went back to drinking wine and openly conspiring the Agenda 21/2030 catastrophe that we're currently witnessing in the region. :-/

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I'm not saying the politicians all know this. The figureheads are just that. I admire Putin's vision for Russia and how based he is, but in the end, he's only as well-informed as any other politician.

No, the ones who are in the know would be people with much greater resources, such as the CFR and such. We're talking multi-generational billionaires who have been hoarding power, money and knowledge for centuries. THOSE are the guys. By that metric, Musk doesn't qualify but there are other ways to get to knowledge, look at Ben Davidson.

In the end however, "official science" is bought and paid for and managed in such a way as to nearly ensure that progress is tediously slow and errors run rampant.

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I'm gonna grab some pop corn.

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I'll have to watch this. Robert Sepehr seems to have a lot of high value material.