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So the deep state has sought to increase the pressure on the people that don't follow their rules when it comes to the media. I think people should know about these events.

Recetly the police in Europe has led several raids against people's houses because of content that they have shared online. The CIA has surely put a lot of effort when it comes to increasing the censorship everywhere.

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A tweeted picture of colorful Ribbons tied onto a wrought iron gate may be Malicious Communications? Police show up at tweeter’s door. Possible 2 year sentence if found guilty!

This is fear and intimidation to control and wrest power from the governed! Political speech is being silenced.

ETA. Get a load of pending Canadian bill C-36. Up to $40,000 (in US $ for reference) fine for Hate Speech on Social Media! Canada to deliver what amounts to a bounty on perceived hate speech.

And, in the US, can you express your opinion on your own time without being fired from your government job? Free speech at stake.

This is an incredibly important case on multiple levels,” said Ray D. Hacke, PJI’s Oregon-based staff attorney. “The Supreme Court has made clear that educators don’t check their freedom of speech at the schoolhouse gate when they accept employment with public school districts – they have as much right to speak out against district policies they consider harmful as any other citizen. The school district erred egregiously here in punishing Rachel and Katie for daring to take the stand they did.”