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Does anyone even believe in the lab leak theory here?

Clearly they released it on purpose.

Otherwise the whole of China would have the highest death rates in the world rather than one of the lowest.

They released it in a controlled fashion to avoid that.

It's like (Spoiler) 12 Monkeys but with a bad cold instead of a real killer virus.

Maybe they meant it to be worse but they fucked up. In the CCP propaganda they had people suddenly dropping dead in the streets, which is probably the outcome what they were aiming for.

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The main evidence for the lab leak theory is:

One key part of the lab leak theory has centred on the Wuhan Institute of Virology's (WIV) decision to take offline its gene sequence and sample databases in 2019.

When asked about this decision, Yuan Zhiming, professor at WIV and the director of its National Biosafety Laboratory, told reporters that at present the databases were only shared internally due to cyber attack concerns.

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choosing which is more trustworthy between the WHO and china is an exercise in hilarity.

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the problem with WHO here is they were told no by China and just went along with it. Investigating the source of covid is obviously not a bad thing to do in fact it is necessary. But we have China covering things up and the WHO acting weak and agreeing not to investigate it and just saying they can't do anything. aLL THIS PROVES IT CAME FROM THE LAB BECAUSE COVERUPS ALWAYS PROVE GUILT.

Sorry for caps but anyway it is similar with 9/11, why cover it up if there's nothing to hide? Allow a full investigation.

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i think this was obvious from the beginning. an investigation will prove nothing, i dont trust a single thing from these assholes.

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well i would not just say something is obvious with no proof, I would want an investigation, now that is real science, and I'd let everyone see the evidence, well they're not letting us. The lack of allowing an investigation is evidence in itself.

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There's more than enough proof in the genome, for those who are qualified enough to interpret the data. This thing is a chimera with many borrowed & inserted sequences from other virii.

Finding a mainstream lab willing to go against the tide and point this out is another matter though.

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that is also evidence, mainstream labs being afraid to investigate