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The other classic tell - this one shows up all the time in these kinds of manipulative environments - is that they have exempted themselves from compliance, providing explicit acknowledgment of the fundamental nature of the policy: a lie.

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I got this from a post on another Conspiracy subreddit : ) Someone came up with that thought/realization. Thanks.

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They are afraid to speak out. One of my friends is a radiologist, I asked her should I get it she shook her head and silently mouthed the word no.

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Medical workers have seen enough "Covid cases" to realize that the disease is vastly overblown.

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They will be called outliers at best and religious fanatics or idiots at worst. They will point to all the professionals that accept it and who endorse it. Those that do endorse often sound like they looked at all the data needed to make a sound recommendation, when they're not much different than actors but instead of reading off a playwright's script (well, when they are doing commercials for the jab the are that as well) they are reading off a governing institution's recommendations but pretending it is their own.

But, the need to pay off student loans and to pay bills is strong incentive to shut up and get the jab, pretend Ivermectin doesn't work and promote the jab. A free society is not one where debt is commonly something professionals or home owners carry into their old or late middle age, where fear of the ramifications of defaulting on those debts will make people go along to get along.

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They will be called outliers at best and religious fanatics or idiots at worst.

I proudly embrace the label "heretic". Heresy from a false religion is the only option to maintain the spirit intact. Ironically, since the primary doctrine of my particular heresy is "an open door", I find myself increasingly isolated and shunned for welcoming any and all who wish to gather with me, figuring out together what this life is actually all about. How dare I be tolerant to everybody. This is my heresy, and I am willing to die on this hill.

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I imagine the most mild "heresies" get the most scorn. There was someone famous who met with everyone. He was mocked for it and questioned about it. I'm pretty sure a religion grew out of his teachings and the recollections around the events of his life and even his death.