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Sounds like an experiment if they're sending drones to observe.

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the drone part is what ive never understood. since ive seen this shit they ALWAYS show up right after. havent seen either of these things for 9 months, and that much activity in that short amount of time. id love to hear from anyone else who saw these, they werent hard to see.

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Sounds like an experiment if they're sending drones to observe.

thats what im thinking. we havent seen shit here for nearly a year. now we have them again. and the drones are back. complete coincidence right? we are out here in the middle of nowhere. i would love for this to be alien shit but its not.

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You see the drones show up after the UFO has left? Not during? Because why try to observe something once it's already gone?

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they are always 'trailing' it if that makes any sense. it probably doesnt(totally understand). i saw a jet do some weird shit with one also, but that was back when this was a nightly thing. it was surprising to see this again, im outside every night and nothing crazy has happened in forever.

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I knew this would happen. I tried telling them and they just wouldn't listen. Now we are all doomed.

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what did you tell them? i tried telling them,'THATS DEEP ENOUGH' when i was getting probed, but they wouldnt listen.

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Heading these inevitable questions off before it starts-no, there is no military base or airport anywhere near me. We are out in the sticks. Yes I can easily tell the difference between planes, copters, drones, meteors, satellites, and whatever these things are. I've been seeing all of these for years, I'm outside a lot.