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Maybe stop having kids and importing immigrants who made their country suck so they leave it. All of that growth means work went into building for them, work that could have been used to become great. Instead we used it to increase population to the point we have to use chemicals to make plants grow. Meanwhile we all suffer from deficiencies bc it's mcdonalds plants that are sick and only look like plants.

Duuurrrr we could all live in a space like texas. LMAO. Only retards would believe that. Even now people travel 100 miles to a park and be surrounded by people also trying to get away.

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too late

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Frankly I now think my capability to do terrible things is a great asset.

You need this to be able to survive and defend yourself in extreme situations.

And having a better government isn't the key to making people behave better. It just makes people more spoilt, needy and ungrateful. This has been known since classical times. Good times make week people.

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A good government doesn't neccesarily has to be permissive. Ideal citizens should have duties. The US for example is hardly the ideal Republic. It's overall a joke as a nation and yet is one of the best things we have.

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It's not just permissiveness which causes problems. It's general ease of living and safety.