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I am sharing this with as many people as possible. You are free to believe what I am sharing with you or not. Take a look at these links.

Up there, life is normal, no masks, no certificates, no restrictions. They lived precovid months ago and in sweden almost nobody wore masks. It's like if they were immune to all of this. It's not by chance.

They are deeply involved in this great reset. The president of the WEF is norwegian and norway is 4th top investor in GAVI. Then greta thunberg visiting every globalist institution. Do you think it's not related?.

If you read the article "You'll own nothing, have no privacy", you'll see an image at the top of the article. It's a swedish city. They do that to signal who is truly behind all of this.

An article was written in 2016. It shows a photo of a girl and she looks like dressed like greta thunberg. The article is titled, 8 predictions for the world in 2030.

This is a compilation of things I have found. Notice, greta thunberg great grandfather was the creator of the eugenic movement in sweden. See the link below.