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i cant read all that... it puts me to sleep.

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best president, fought the rothschilds

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By appointing them as fiscal agents to US... lol.

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fake news

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You're being sarcastic, right? Jackson appointed the Rothschilds. Levi Woodbury and taney called Rothschild their magestry and said in letter they'd do anything for them.

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direct opposite

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Did you read my post? Jackson hates the House of Barring and appointed Rothschilds. His anti-bank quote on his death bed was also a lie, a made up quote. He was on the side of the Rothshilds. I can send you the correnspondence between Woodbury and Rothschild if you want, it is in Blau's book. They worshipped the Rothschilds.

Jackson even took the money out of 2USbank and put in Rothschild controlled Manhattan bank. Only small shares were held of Rothschild in 2USbank as it was more directly controlled by Barring and other UK houses.

The winners were the Frankfurt banking sect who also had offices in the UK such as Rothschild. Again, the facts are Jackson was not ANTI-BANK. He was anti-Barring and Pro-Rothschild.

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In conclusion, freemason Jackson appointed the inbred freemasonic rabbinate Rothschilds as fiscal agents of the US through Taney and Woodbury. Woodbury corresponded with Rothschild, writing;

Treasury Department   July 18th 1836  Sir,        

The acting Treasurer of the United States has been instructed to transmit to you the accompanying bill of Exchange, the proceeds of which are to be placed to the credit of the United States on account of the following appropriations.


I have the honor Dear Sir very respectfully,  your obedient Servant  Levi Woodbury Secretary of the Treasury             

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Most wealthy men in the South owned slaves, even if they didn’t like it: how does Jackson compete with other farmers who get virtually free labor? That gets rid of the scumbag nonsense.

Jackson, like most wealthy men, hated bankers (unless they were bankers lol). Fractional reserve banking is a curse on humanity. We should have had an Amendment making gold the only legal money along with an ironclad balanced budget amendment. Guess who stopped Jackson from getting anywhere near those goals? Congress was (and is) full of money grubbing vermin like Nancy Pelosi and the bankers paid them off. Jackson wasn’t a king so the Republic got what we have now, as culminated in 1913.

If you really want a scumbag President, read up on Woodrow Wilson. He’s a first class murderer and traitor.

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The idea that gold has any intrinsic value is idiotic. The term itself is meaningless. Gold can be money but the people that have all the power control and own the gold. Morgan made that quite clear when he proclaimed that gold is the only form of money. We should have a non-elastic currency that ebbs and flows with supply and demand and to allow charity and welfare where producitivuty can not be made or can be enhanced for the individual, such as in rural farm regions.

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Also, we do not have fractional reserve banking. Reserves are ZERO. The US was chartered by congress llc via Association LLC as a self-funding corporation. So the idea that the US can be indebted to itself by the trillions is idiotic and stupid.

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That gets rid of the scumbag nonsense.

No it doesn't, he's still a scumbag. He could go to find ways to make money outside of farming. He chose money over the lives of African slaves, that makes him a scumbag.

Jackson, like most wealthy men, hated bankers

Because they were not as business savvy as bankers and were dependent on loans from bankers.



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He lived in Tennessee in the early 19th century. AMERICA was an agrarian nation for the most part. If you lived in the South, land was everything. Having slaves had the effect of equalizing costs. So it was either use slaves or be poor white. That’s how people thought back then.

Quit applying the standards of today with those of yesteryear. He was a normal businessman and General.

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it's weird how he is attacking andrew jackson for being a slave holder, yeah everyone was back then. But the thing where he is trying to say he was a rothschild ally when he hated them is a new weird claim.

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It's weird when you know absolutely nothing about history and only read blogs that source infowars claiming Jackson "killed the bank" (he never said that, that quote was a forgery), when the reality is that he killed a certain banking house, that is, gentile British house Barring and Co. who were fiscal agents of US from its founding.

Jackson, the Freemason, never hated the Rothschilds, who were also Freemasons, and he never claimed he wanted to end the Rothschilds banking house.

If he did, ehy did he appoint the Rothschilds as fiscal agents of the US to Europe?

Why did Levi Woodbury, Jew, and Taney, who Jackson appointed, correspond with Rothschild in a letter that seemed almost worship like. Taney and Woodbury writing that they would do anything for Rothschild.

Also, interesting that Jackson would use a Baltimore bank, I.F. Phillips front company banking house, agents of Rothschild and Manhatten bank, also Rothschild owned, to keep his money safe.

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you're basing what you say on blogs actually

well known he fought the rothschilds

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You're ignorant, period. I just gave you three scholarly sources showing you with proof that Jackson appointed the Rothschilds as fiscal agents to the US. And you're too engulfed in some dead myth propagated by blogs and infowars to admit that they and you are wrong.

Again, I gave you the sources and info. You're free to ignore them like an ignoramous or read them. I don't care. Something that is well known, doesn't make it true. That's an argumentum ad populum.

For the longest time, I too believed he fought the Rothschilds but he didn't, he fought one banking house: Barring and Co. Those he appointed were in good standing with Rothschild via personal corespondence and through Rothschild agents and banking houses.

I believe the anti-banking myth of Jackson was a lie, I know it was, as I proved, to bring down one banking house, Barring and Co., for another, the House of Rothschild.

It is clear your biases in favor of some racist, dead, freemasonic slaveholder, who appointed the inbred Rothschilds as fiscal agents to the US, stems from your lack of actually researching primary and scholarly sources.

Is it better we believe the alt. sources, heavily infiltrated and controlled by Mossad and Zionist Jews, who are most likely propagating this myth for their own benefit? No, of course not.

One such poster on here praised Jackson, and on his blog, oddly, he slipped up and praised August Belmont (pseudonym), a Rothschild agent, claiming how much smarter he was then all the gentiles living today. A man of exquisite taste and a hard worker who traveled before the age of 24 to meet Rothschild to work for them and always for them. Hence, the pro-Jackson stance is quite weird, at first, and only if you believe the lies that he hated the Rothschilds but I came to realize it is not weird at all when he appointed Rothschild as fiscal agents to the US.

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Or he could have farmed without slaves?

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“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

I don't have time to read this right now, but if it's true, it's interesting to note the parallel with the establishment of the Federal Reserve, which was aided by central bankers pretending to vehemently oppose it. This warmed the public to it, because they figured that if bankers oppose it, it must be in their own interest. The parallel is that Jackson also took on the guise of opposing big banking with his campaign slogan "Jackson and no bank".

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British bankers opposed the establishment of the FED, Frankfurt and Swiss merchants approved. Barring and Co. was the original foscal agent of US, Andrew Jackson switched to Rothschild.