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You should try dark mode, easier on the eyes. I was a late convert myself, having spent a considerable amount of time on the classic PC but it works better.

i tell you, muslims are the force that invented this COVID SCAM so that they can kill you with vaccines and enslave you with vaccine id cards.

Hah, yeah some goat fucker with a stagnant backwards religion invented a virus in the desert in a shit hole poor Muslim country. Sounds realistic.

Their level of tech is more suicide vest than bioengineering.

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i told you that the most common characteristic of the alcoholic is that he is a mental defective.

you are physcially incapable of processing new information and ideas.

it is the truth.

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Their level of tech is more suicide vest than bioengineering.

you obviously have no idea about the collective intelligence of islam.

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They don't know how to build airplanes, they have to buy them from non Muslim countries. Computer chips, nope. To even use computers, modern tech, they must use the language of infidels. Hah! Islam is the boil on the asshole of the world.

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go drink.

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I might, I have to wake up early to smoke a turkey. We've never done a whole bird, and in a grill rather than a proper smoker. So it's happening a day early in case it doesn't go well and Thanksgiving dinner becomes takeout.

You ever notice how many alkies are insomniacs?

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i am sitting on my boat trading right now.

i have no family.

i have no friends.

enjoy your turkey.


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Same, trading part not the boat part. ADA took a big dip, they're being delisted on some exchanges because of regulatory concerns. ADA is an interesting beast. It's been so much vaporware for so long, we're still waiting on smart contracts, despite being the 6th largest crypto. And there's concern that the leadership isn't really devoted to the project anymore. BUT, there's a state of union kind of thing on the 25th.

So the price is dipping with potential for a huge upswing.

i have no family. i have no friends.

You have us.

enjoy your turkey

I fucking hate turkey, except smoked turkey. I like when it's really dry and then drenched in sauce. Which is pretty much not how you're supposed to cook turkey. Last several years the family just gets takeout BBQ turkey for Thanksgiving, but this turkey was free. I didn't see any turkey shortage at the store, they were literally giving them away (with a pricey ass ham).

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You have us.

you are my family? yeah, right.

a bunch of smart asses that would rob me as quick as blink at me.

thanks for the offer.

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I mean you have people to talk to.

you are my family

Thank god no.