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The Great Reset, you will own nothing and like it. Sign up for World War 3 and die to save the planet!

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The funny thing is I believe most if not all the nuclear weapons have degraded to the point of being unusable which is why nobody has really fired any as they know it but are embarrassed to admit. If Russia had any working ones it would be an instant win to drop a small one somewhere in Ukraine but we all ripped each other off in bad arms deals in the last decade(s) so now we all have broken weapons.

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Why would they not just repair and maintain them?

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they do. this guy is stupid.

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They are trying to split off everyone into tribes at each other’s throats: liberals vs conservatives, freethinkers vs conformers, axis vs allies, Jews vs Muslims. Then the world dictator can step in to promote peace.

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Exactly. And even when I explain that to "normies", they don't understand... the propaganda machine is in full mode, it is very obvious, yet they don't see it.

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I've stopped trying to convince anyone of anything at this point. If you can't connect the dots at this point nothing I say is going to change your mind.

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This isn't about starting WW3. This is about forcing people accept world government, world currency, etc.

Russia and China are far more in favour of this stuff than the West. They are playing along, not reacting.

There's no need to kill off young men in the West, enough are taking themselves out of the game with porn or hormones. We might see war spread to more based parts of the world with large young populations like the middle east and Africa.

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I agree - not a start to WWIII, because this will play out as a proxy war with lots of sanctions. Money launderers want diversity in currency, so that they have a way of hiding money. World government is not the interest here - but rather the dividing of governments so that authoritarians willhave the ability to manipulate those governments. For example, Russian, China's, India's governments will never share a government, but will share similar tactics of authoritarian manipulations of other countries.

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Yes. This is how 1939 played out as a nation occupation and it kept dragging on and on and many STILL in 1940 refused to believe another world war would emerge which lead to a lot of debates and discussions including spiritual in churches over the ramifications of the Poland invasion. I can't believe how FUCKING BLIND sheeple are on here and elsewhere to the similarities of history repeating itself!!!

Personally I think a lot of nuclear weapons got degraded from lack of use over time and that's why they are not going that route. In fact I'm sure OUR nuclear weapons are no good anymore and we likely ripped these nations off when uranium was sold for political power in the 90s and early 00s. Now when push comes to shove a lot of nations will have bad uranium that doesn't work and they probably did the same here to the US.

The funny thing would be if everyone has ripped off nuclear weapons that are done so we have no choice but to do long term hand to hand combat or air strikes,etc and hope something sticks.

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While some technological fuckups are assured if they decide to light the candles, assuming a 100% failure rate is over-simplistic. There are enough of these beasts and there's been enough refits over the years that some portion would function. Given that even with just that "some portion", the effective destruction would be sufficient to confirm the original reason nobody wanted this to happen, this seems a moot point to me. Well, nobody wants this to happen except the psychos.

The scary thing is that we now have people in charge who are publicly and proudly telling us that men are women and women are men. By the time someone has rejected universal reality to this level, destroying everything in a nuclear holocaust ceases to be so shocking. These people are truly fucked in the head beyond even the level that we can assume they have a natural instinct to survive. Do they really want to survive? I'm no longer convinced they care very much.

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As long as the weapons are maintained and other components are cycled out including the Tritium, they're fine.

I have seen a lot of similarities between the 1920's to 1930's and the past decade. Things can change in a matter of weeks and months. I see a more unified World than back then, though.

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WW3 = 9/11.


WW5 = Ukraine - doubtful.

World Economic Forum "Young Leaders" in Governments around the world like Canada and France? Did anyone notice he said Putin was one of them too?

Yes, but that's because Biden has 99% blood of children and 2/3 of the human body is water, thus Brandon is mostly young, technically.

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Yeah but Turdeau part and parcel of the WEF bullshittery, and yet he seems as anti-russian as anybody else. So... Yeah, no. Things are much more complex than "WEF = A, therefore B is freedom".