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I think that is a likely scenario.

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it is all a lie, you can only be infected in your thoughts, then your thoughts create the symptoms

poison is possible, but then it must be allowed in your mental processes to allow it to enter you life

they are now providing the basis for that belief, and they hope you will invest it with your emotion to make it real in your experience.

if u do nothing, it does nothing

all of life is like this, if folks only knew they'd focus on their dreams and less on their failures and take appropriate steps every day to achieve that dream. that is how you live

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Well we should expect an "uptick" in New cases, a variant detected and a new booster in October then...

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Until eventually the super vaccine hungry folk turn into I Am Legend monsters

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Most of them are😂

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Of course it is. That's why they tried to keep the clinical trials sealed for the next 75 years. Crimes against humanity are being committed by governments to their own people and all because they listened to some lying jew scum.

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The sheep have become so complicit they they don't even see the alarm bells of this, 75 years!

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The goyim have become so complicit that they let Ashkenazi Jews from Moderna and Pfizer mandate we all get injected with CRISPR cas9 mRNA injections.

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These mRNA vaccines are giving people aids. People with already weakened immune systems are progressing so fast their getting monkey pox which is a cover for how quickly people are about to die.

It'll wipe out the STD infected LGBT community first.