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I'm conCERNed.

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I wasn’t paying close attention, but I thought it was “Chik-Fil-A.” Maybe I am from a different timeline than the rest of you? Can I answer any questions?

My timeline had grape Sweetarts and watermelon flavored Nerds in the 80s.

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I read one of those media fact checking things that addressed the absurd myth being peddled on faceberg that CERN could create a black hole.

A day earlier I had read an article in the mainstream media talking about all the wonderful science that could occur at CERN in the coming months, including the creation and studying of “micro black holes”…

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Damn. My cousin used to work there. I just asked her to spell it. She said chic-fil-a

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Is Ed McMahon the spokesperson for publishers clearing House again? Cuz that's a thing that changed. Did it change back?

Anyway I just hope I end up in the timeline where I'm not an asshole.

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Anyone else notice anything different?

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Just now? King Tut.

For a long time? Northern ice cap missing, South America is to the east, Mars is smaller and not bigger, Adam’s hand is higher than God’s, wolf shall dwell with the lamb, two men possessed by Legion, Procter and Gamble, and so many more.