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He relies on his charisma as a substitute for depth. He makes it a point to condemn eugenics, but doesn't explain what's wrong with it, so you don't learn any actual argument against it. When it comes to point eight, he slaps the label "communism" on top of it. This is a false equivalence. He doesn't explain in what way point eight is equated with communism. It reads: "Balance personal rights with social duties," which sounds more like something Jordan Peterson could've said than communism. Instead of establishing the equivalence, he just goes ahead an attacks communism, and he also does that in a superficial and faulty way, naming Nazi Germany as an example even though they fought against communism. This is an important subject but the banality of this presentation annoys me.

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He has good topics and a nice presentation style. I don't agree with everything he says and don't take it as Gospel. Communism is a controversial subject and a lot of people approach it with knee-jerk reactionism. Ultimately, given human nature and its propensity for greed, every economic/social system is destined for failure. A ''perfect system'' will eventually be corrupted by imperfect humans. Just my 2¢.