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First the various religions have to clarify what they mean by the word god. If “god” just means a powerful spirit, then there are many gods. But if God means “the creator” there is only one of them, for every other god is in turn caused by something else.

Let us also try to define “spirit”. My understanding is that spirits don’t mean “non-existent” but non physical. That would mean that the spiritual is in higher dimension, not normally accessible to physical beings. The occultists who run the world certainly do believe in spirits/higher dimensions, but pretend to be materialists in front of the masses, or even Christians, who are forbidden to interact with these evil spirits.

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The great thing about philosophy is the ability to remain open to debate and to scrutinize our understanding of where we stand in the universe and how we should live our lives. Morality is complicated, but not reliant on religion. In fact I'd argue that many religious morals of the time they were written are generally understood to be immoral by today's standards. Religion does not allow itself to be scrutinized. The written word is unbreakable, and it is offensive to open discussion as to the validity of the morals taught from within the texts. The exception to the rule being when a point is raised that might be deemed harmful to religious reputation, it's suddenly 'out of context' or 'not to be taken literally'. This method of communication is demeaning to the questioner of religious morality.

The only way I can see as a working model, as has been the case in philosophy for thousands of years, is to make sure we allow open debate, freedom of expression and freedom of opinion. Religion generally attempts to impede all of these and denies the opportunity to revise or adapt, they are stuck in the dark ages and refuse to move forward. We must persist in enabling the right to challenge concepts that harm philosophical discussion. Religion should never be allowed to have the power to influence politics, media or military conflict. It should be encouraged to be kept in the privacy of the home and the religious meeting ground, out of harm's way where it can't continue to be responsible for evil shit.

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i found myself repeating in my head ..


as i held this .. i noticed many 'accidents' that had obvious 'reasons'

your state of mind dictates what you receive

be mindful of your state, it is your power