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You literally just said nothing

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I think I was rather straightforward about my points. Or are you skeptical about the ideologies I mentioned being related to the ruling groups?

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You didn't say anything meaningful, you literally just said 'don't believe anything'. Tf use is that? It's the same bullshit psuedointellectualism as poststructuralists that just throw their arms up and critique everything. But at least they actually did do some critiques with substance, you literally just skipped all that and did the 'everything bad' nonsense.

Also yes I am absolutely skeptical that fascism/national socialism was a tool of the people in power since they literally threw them out of power and then got destroyed in a world war for doing so. If you think this was all just an elaborate ruse to trick everyone and only schizophrenics 100 years later figured this out then I have a bridge to sell to you.

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I'm a nationalist. I take ethics and the responsibility with your own very seriously, I'm hardly a nihilist.

All the ideologies I mentioned can be traced to the Vatican:

They used libertarianism in the white protestant nations to destroy it.

Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin was the most influential philosopher in the capitalist and social darwinist movement.

They created communism with the Jesuit communist empire in Latin America and set up the Bolshevik revolution to take control of Russia and blame the Jews. There were some Zionist groups mixed in but the Bolsheviks were mostly an anti-Zionist group.

Hitler and Himmler got a lot of their ideals from the Jesuits, with the SS being modeled after their group. I think a lot of Germans were legit nationalist back then and had to face the worst side of the Jews, but ignoring the Vatican's behind the scenes is not right either.

I'm not downright saying they are worthless ideologies just that people shouldn't see things in a black and white fashion.

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Schizo nonsense, take your meds

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Yeah right. Just ignore the fact that the SS were literally an imitation of the Jesuits as a group. And yet I'm the one who is fooling himself.

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I absolutely agree. Left and right is too narrow. It's more than that. For example, I am centrist on economics, libertarian on the authoritarian/libertarian axis, and moderately progressive on social issues.

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None of these ideologies matter much when government stays in its lane. The problem is government has grown too large.

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Extremism is the problem. Extreme ideologies, extreme left, extreme right, totalitarian, extreme overreach - and of course, like you said, extremely big government.

Extreme harms are coming to all, to serve the extremely wealthy.

A decentralized minarchy is required.

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We've been taught to be very individualist, making us powerless. It seems very hard to reverse that. If only there was some way to teach people that power is something we hold together, it would be great. Doing it is another step. Business is kind of that, but it would be better if people just worked together for their own communities instead of giving it all to the bigger thing. No need to be fully out of the system. It is still there, just working with it to get better outcome. Until there's enough communities to starve the parasites.

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FIrst we can never found a solution in extremism like fascism or communism or even anarchy. I think each society in different time and place need a unique solution as political conformation for each societal problems.Nowadays ,maybe we need a degree of conservatism and socialism or maybe a mixed of libertarianism and conservatism.

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Not necessarily, you may be falling in an argument to moderation fallacy. Sometimes, repressing the opposition to some extend might be the only way to do the right thing.

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You should define extremism. I don't see how fascism, communism or anarchy count as extremism. Anarchy is nature's law. I doubt there is anything else than anarchy that rule the world. As for fascism and communism, these are different ways of ruling people. I'm sure plenty of people have been happy with those regime.

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"Politics involves the people who are involved in politics" is a tautology.

If you weren't a "ruling group" before and then you gain power, you become a "ruling group."

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Straw man. Having someone in power doesn't turn them into a tyrant by itself.

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Not a straw man at all. Why ask for feedback then shit on someone?

ANY hierarchical system is inherently corrupting, tyrannical, and unfair by it's very nature. Be equals to be fair, or else someone is lording over another. Consciously or not, people's self-interests will show through in negative ways.

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So you are saying that people have never been happy under authority in history? Not just happy, but living in an actual decent, honest society? This is laughable and very innacurate from the historical point of view, Jason.

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I didn't say any of that, nor did you. You argue like a fucking retard. Not worth engaging.

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I never said that someone being in power turns them into a tyrant. Look at my words again if you don't believe me, I didn't change them.