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Mass illegal immigration means that hundreds of thousands of young men from the middle east, north Africa and Albania are given priority healthcare at no cost. Dental treatment, medication, cancer treatment, all free of charge.

Poor management has meant that individual NHS trusts are left to fend for themselves in regards to procurement, this they pay several pounds per box of paracetamol which is worth just 16p in a supermarket, instead of centralisation.

Unionisation has led to NHS workers demanding more pay and benefits for less work, essentially making TikTok dancing videos and crying about being overworked and underpaid.

The system itself would be fine, but it's being implemented wrong and the workers are mostly to blame. Wards are empty. GP's work a couple of days a week for 250k per years and retire at 45. It's a bit like watching Democratic stated in the US collapse on themselves.

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It ain't just the UK, either: Non-"critical" specialty care has all but disappeared in some hospitals in the US. Urology, Dermatology, Pain-management clinics never seem to have any appointments available.

I find it hard to believe that every skill in the building has been thrown into the Covid front-line, such that normal functions can no longer be maintained.

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not only the healthcare system has been sabotaged in the UK

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Last week I went to the doctors for something and 5 out of 7 people in the waiting area were there for either a flu shot or vax booster.

People can't get appointments because old faggots are clogging it up with useless shit.

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Communism does not pay off.

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What a drama queen.

Who sabotaged it?

The GPs and other NHS staff who don't want to come into work. The people who know they can get away with doing half a job and still get paid.

If you want to solve this problem you need to tackle them, all those heroes you clapped for, and not just cry about shadowy forces.

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its obviously being mismanaged on purpose. i work in the nhs.... there is something sinister going on. they love it when its too busy as they get paid more. there is no will to get anyone better. just endless tests and treatments that don't really work... just masking symptoms.

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Ahh, so you are one of those land whales who wants to sit on their arse all day and not work. Makes sense.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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ad hominem??? yawn