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Yeah, I think Thanos was used to promote the genocide plan in a revelation of the method kind of way. His character is even different from the comics. His goal in those was pleasing the goddess of death if I remember right (?) He is batshit crazy, while in the movies, he is portrayed as a deranged visionary of sorts.

Realistically, we don't suffer from overpopulation but wrong distribution of resources, with the corrupt oligarchies not allowing there to be a solution to that as well...

Hydra is also a good representation of any evil elitist group too.

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Yeah. That's pretty solid. Of course they are.

Do they depend on external investment? Then you have 80% odds they are participating in some way. They are directly told they have to or their investability score will go down. And their CEO therefore makes way less personal income. The social credit score already exists but it's only applied to corporations at this point. The sad thing is that what is demanded by it is that corporations push acceptability of genocide.

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Blame the banksters above the corporations - and their owners above the banks.

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Corporations are just playing the game handed to them. They aren't evil or anit-evil. If corporations do evil things then there is something wrong with the game.

Right now what is wrong with the game is that it is a game, and the fed has a duping exploit.

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isn't that what (((pedowood))) has been doing for the past 50+ years? movies promoting homo shi. movies promoting a thriving, functioning black society? when has that ever happened? only low iq can believe it's even possible. now that i have a few years on me, i can see why grandparents called it 'the devils music.'

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A perversion of the human condition and desire to improve one's situation, excessive greed, domesticated lazy convenience, and consumer culture was the driving force behind the development of tools and technology. Now that A.I. robots can replace more and more humans, the sheeple are less and less required - and have always been a threat to the hierarchical systems of authority.

Over-population is the excuse they choose to cover for the excesses, pollution, and monopolistic needs of the corporatocracy, rather than to actually address and shift our poorly educated and consumerist culture into natural balance with actual (not corporate greenwashed) longterm sustainability, off-grid homesteading, and strong families and communities. Among other things.

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I used to read the comics in the 90s. I am completely baffled how people of my generator and later can not see the blantant differences between now and then. I am absolutely disgusted at every thing that they have put out over the last 20 years. And this isn't just on a moral level. The iron man movie was so boring I stopped watching halfway through and I felt dumb watching spider man. I haven't watched any since, but the bits you can see clearly show how mine numbing they all are.

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Marvel, DC, HBO, CW, etc.. I stopped supporting & giving any of my money/viewing to any & every outlet pushing this type of nonsense.

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Disney has gone woke too many times. Boycott Disney and Marvel and Star Wars!

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The whole thanos thing and the pandemic/vax death thing is a weird parallel but I have no thoughts on it.