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After this same trick had been so very overtly overused, for such a long and persistent period, you'd think people would realize this. Yet, it seems people in general, simply don't remember long enough.

Standard Gish Gallop of Yellow Journalism. aka concern trolling aka collective malicious bullying

Edit addition: aka dog-pile, pressure campaign, crossfire-hurricane

A flood of legal action or pending legal actions against an opponent is a well established way of draining their resources and weakening their ability to focus on a campaign or office duties.

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When all is said and done...

When the rubber hits the road ..

There is one thing that a master strategist must realize..

It isn't about who wins the battles and how many battles did I win and how many battles did my opponent win ...

A) It is about (first) trying to find a solution that is desirable for all parties.

B) the circus is over when the fat lady sings.

C) I am the fat lady.

I am a self taught and capable counselor.

Donald J Trump for President 2024

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I'm not sure what, if any, point that makes. Maybe it contributes to my idea of collective bullying.

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Their the ones doing what their saying.

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My comments about the vote fraud:

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He is guilty of many crimes and will soon be in jail. Hello Orange Man meet your cellmate.

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Hongkongphooey, you are seriously one stupid retard, and that is the only quality of yours that I like.

Just fyi, go fkn shag yourself tranny fuck.

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Any day now...

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Armed insurrection? They were literally unarmed though. And the FBI already told us in the summer of '21 that there was no evidence of it being organized.

I wonder why they never talk about the democrat's May 29th insurrection where over 65 secret service members were harmed and the POTUS and his family had to move into a bunker for their own safety, after "peaceful" protesters burned down a nearby church and breached barricades surrounding the white house.

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ya no shit eh

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I can't believe after Democrats fucking up the economy, high gas prices, and record inflation that the stupid voters voted them back into office.

Our only chance to fix the economy is to re-elect Trump and his followers in MAGA.

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Can't as long as the software to run it has the same exploits. In Europe the software was banned prior to 2020 because of loopholes and back doors that were caught and people were suing the hell out of that company here in the US until Brandon took over. I'm sure the lawsuit is long gone.

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you will get it when ur older....

putting faith in politicians/actor....really? come on man.... :D