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Using Google automatically debunks your argument.

Citing McGill, the home of MK Ultra, is not much better.

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Oh you muppet.

I'm trying to explain how this will go down with normies.

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Sure, you didn't say so, and most normies don't do research.

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I did say so, I literally said "Don't get me wrong, I agree the clots ARE unusual and there's a lot of truth in the video. That's the point, to discredit those things with the other bullshit."

Normies don't research, no, they "google".

(I had to switch my search provider from Brave to Google to show the fall-out from the vid. That so much ready-made debunking came in less than a day after release shows, I believe, that this was an op, as did the mass-posting of comments, all using caps to mention the DIED SUDDENLY "movie". And again, why the word "movie"? Do you call anything else like this a 'movie'? You might say documentary, or video, but would normal people normally call such a thing a "movie". But all over Youtube, rumble and twitter it was all "You really need to see the DIED SUDDENLY movie" shit.