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Man, I'm hoping this will be some kind of revolution and that the taboo from the subject will be removed at least. He's correct in noting that Hitler didn't kill 6 million jews. Once you learn about that, and discover that Hitler was dragged into war and offered peace multiple times but was refused, the entire basis is removed for seeing the Nazis as a manifestation of pure evil. The lines between the artificial and real world have been blurred, that's why organic acts of courage are hard to distinguish from controlled opposition. Your view seems to be based on the perspective that West's actions were suicide, which is an underlying pessimism about the prospect of mass awakening. (Unless you believe that Hitler killed 6 million jews, that is, but then you're wrong.) Another way to look at it is that he's converting the fame he has amassed. He realized that he's one of the few people who can say these things for such a big audience.

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What bullshit. Hitler stormed out of the peace negotiations with Britain complaining he'd been conned out of his war. Wanting to prove German might through combat was one of his main ideals. He invaded multiple countries costing millions of lives but apparently he didn't want to do it? Grow up.

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Theodore S Kaufman was right about what we should’ve done to that tribe. Even Stalin didn’t go far enough if he let them live. The existence of a place called Germany after 1945 in any form is a war crime.

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The taboo should be removed, then people will see for themselves that it happened. Maybe it wasn't 6 million, but it happened.

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Maybe it wasn't 6 million, but it happened.

😮 you're a holocaust denier/revisionist now, shalom

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It was a lot more than 6 million. Not only that, the Holocaust never actually ended for homosexuals and will not end until homosexuality is legal everywhere on earth.

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It was as low as 145k, some of which were not even jews. Oy vey, you need annudah shoah.

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Saying “another“ is an admission that the Holocaust actually happened.

Next time, the Jews are going to be the ones operating the camps.

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nuke the dome of the rock already, pussies

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China kills Muslims so Israel doesn’t have to.

China is right about Islam. Israel treated goyim as countrymen and you still treat Jews like invaders.

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Hitler didn't kill 6 million jews

No, he just outsourced the job to the low level soldiers while simping for Eva Braun at Berchtesgaden.

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Hitler killed more than 6 million Jews.

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Ye claimed to be the Black Jesus for our times before.

Liberals sure loved him when he said "George W. Bush doesn't care about black people!" and now they hate him.

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Yet they now love George W. Bush so much they project his crimes onto Donald Trump.

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I've seen it being said that Kanye was purposely trying to make it look like twitter was out of control and that's why Elon kicked him off in the end.

I really don't think Ye is planning anything but people are smart to keep out of his way at the moment until he works out what he actually believes himself.

It sort of like when your friend breaks up with their partner and starts slagging them off. You don't join in because you know there's a 50/50 chance they'll be back together next week and then you'll be the arsehole. Kanye can always turn around next week and say everything he did was the fault of mental illness, the people who went along with him won't have that get out.

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we are all one with God, what i heard he said was all people have value

which is true

and what is thought of hitler is probably not what hitler was.

just look around today at the losers presented as winners and winners presented as losers

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Kanye was actually praising Hitler though.

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he can do what he wants.

i also do not see hitler as he has been portrayed

a man setup, is what i see. work camps, is also what i have seen

bolshevick revolution killed millions more christians and should be remembered

but instead hitler is what we are forced to remember

but what they say happened, i don't see that it did happen, and now that i see what is happening...

i can say that Christians would care more about Bolshevicks, yet it is what is ignored

that doing in and of itself defines a clear problem in information transference .. there is something out there .. that is only seen briefly but always when its agenda is challenged.. or its doings are noticed

the franklin case in nebraska directly touched those that are the most evil, that are the root of the interference

the investigative reporter, hired by the Nebraska senate.. was killed. and nothing was done.

the case was dropped. until this is solved, we are slaves to an elite cult of evil losers

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That doesn't mean you praise Hitler. Lately I've noticed a complete inability to comprehend evil beyond stereotypical Disney cartoon villains who are all on the same side and act evil for literally no reason. That's not real life. Evil people have different interests and won't hesitate to fight each other if they don't align. Just because two people despise each other doesn't mean they can't both be evil.

Btw, Hitler did plan to throw Christians in the ovens as part of the final solution. He didn't immediately put them in camps due to strategical reasons (he'd he killing almost the entire German population). But once he got it replaced with something else he could treat the minority who were left like Jews.

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so he planned to kill them? so i should care more about that than what did happen in Russia?

go read this and learn about real evil...

shit like parents showing up and having their child sacrificed..

That's not real life. Evil people have different interests and won't hesitate to fight each other if they don't align.

this is true, but evil people cling to power, and in it they are all taking from each other

but they do align, and the assholes control each other.. via things like having your kid killed.. or having blackmail that will destroy your life

they have a suicide pact.. they all have shit on each other and if any spill then they get dealt with.

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What happened in Russia was worse, but Germany was still really bad.

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hitler tried to end it, churchill said no

the war was good for some, needed for others

the situation is not one sided

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Hitler only tried to end it so he could expand his own regime.

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He wanted too much too soon and that’s why Stalin was able to overrun him. Putin recognizes this and that’s why he is keeping it cool and not making the same mistake. Even so, he has more land to work with than Hitler. And unlike Hitler’s flimsy excuse for terrorizing Europe over the Rheinland, there is actually a legitimate claim to the Donbass by Russia.

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War is progressive when the enemy is not.

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No, what happened in Russia was not worse. That’s just Western propaganda and projection of their own war crimes on to the east in order to justify demonizing people of color.

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What does the USSR have to do with people of color? Sure calling everyone racist was part of the communist propaganda just like it is today, but Russians, Germans, and Jews are all white. If it was all western propaganda it was directed at the USSR and communism, not race issues.

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Jews and Russians are of color unlike those dirty German bastards.

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The God we are all one with is the Jewish God. The Jews worship no gods other than God. One God is all anybody needs anyway.

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no, the jewish God is one with all that is

they see their God as separate from themselves

that is incorrect

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No, it is correct. Only the Jewish interpretation of God‘s law is the correct one. There is a reason God made the Jews His chosen people.

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The deep state wishes they could script something like Ye

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I expect Elon will let West back on twat after he calms down and takes some lithium.

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We can't ignore the possibility that kanye was "GIVEN THE TALK". do as we say or we kill your children type of talk.

also how do we even know that was him under that mask and baggy coat?

Either way they have played an amazing trick. we are fooked. run for the hills.

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White racists would hate white people if they were black.