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During the Bronze Age there was just much more seismic activity in the Middle East than their is now.

Troy got hit with the same issue and they weren't even arse fucking, they were just supporting women's freedom of choice.

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God is allowing a horrible chastisement. Great apostasy is raging. Catholic Church is in eclipse, 200k . no pope since 1958. And no one will listen to me. Not even supposed hot shot conspiracy theorists.

There are multiple parts to chastisement. Loss of faith. Globalist are tightening the noose. He'll on earth. But Our Lady of Fatima has more to say on all of this...

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What is a chastisement. I understand the rest of your post but not that part. Do you think the Mandela Effect has as big role on this as I've noticed some changes and even some 'flip flops' like the Fli--stones one was my real wake up alarm. Though I started to notice with BeranSt-in Bears made me interested as I know what I saw growing up. No crap will be tolerated about it.

The biggest flip flop besides that was Houston we (blank) trouble. I literally watched it change before my very eyes then change back a few months later. That was when I became a full believer. Before I was a skeptic like the rest of you.

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I am using this in religious term, as God chastised Jews in Old Testament. Catholic Church replaced Jews as God's people after Jesus founded it. (I don't want to argue that point here. I simply want to cast legitimate doubt on Francis being who he says he is, and non Catholics can serve this. ) So Our Lady of Fatima had demands from Heaven. Not followed by most Catholics. God allowed us to lose Vatican. We're in Babylon, so to speak

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What if 9/11 was the 'fall' of Babylon where as in the bible people would morn in one hour across the globe which in 9/11 the Twin Towers fell in one hour f'king up world trade. We literally nose dived into 1929 depression but Bush told people to not be afraid and go out in spend in their local area and travel locally. W

e did and the economy started to turn around again a year later so the depression didn't last that long then businesses went stupid over expanding which gave them high bills to pay during the 08 crash. Then to make matters worse many did expensive remodeling going to these weird ugly color schemes.

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There are spiritual chastisements. And physical ones. I believe 911 was a horrible physical one, engineered by NWO.

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God was going to wipe out humanity 2000 years ago but Jesus volunteered to redeem humanity. Personally, I think things will turn around. Civilization goes through self correcting phases. We've seen this before.

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We are on cusp of Great Age of Mary, Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Catholic Church will get a true pope, Catholic Church will be exalted. But Catholic Church is despised in general, and most absolutely would not look at Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, 1917. Nor the prophecies She made that have been fulfilled. God can suspend His laws.

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Right now forums are all ran by the most viled God hating people who aren't willing to even read your discussions or willing to work things out if your views go against the moderators or hive mind. Then people wonder why 'forums are dead'. Yeah they killed it by bumping people off so Reddit was the only place they could run too. The digital frontier is done unless you wade thru the city sewers (Deep web) then you might likely to get some kind of rat poison.

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It's the other way around: Jesus predicted the apocalypse would be within two generations and a new Jerusalem would be established, this is what all the early Christians expected, but in the meantime it's taking 2000 years and now people are just waiting indefinitely.

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You're interpretating the Bible. Catholic Church is sole proprietor and interpreted of bible.

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No it isn't. You just admitted that I partake in interpreting the Bible as well.

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Nuances. You are misinterpreting the Bible. Make you happy?

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No. You've given no arguments, all you did was imply I'm wrong because I'm not the Catholic church. I'm not part of your roleplay.

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I didn't imply it

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If you had any understanding you'd realize being in this world is punishment. It is run by devils. God obviously doesn't have to sacrifice his son to himself or pay a ransom to himself. It's because of all these archons who like to enslave everyone using karmic debt, which they purposely make impossible to pay off. The theory goes that they, not realizing the messiah could overcome death, agreed to release everyone in exchange for his life. However they continue to trick people into remaining "voluntarily", just like Truman Burbank was "free to leave" his TV studio, but they did everything they could to prevent him from finding out about it.