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Sugar is bad. Carbs are not.

Naturally too much of anything is bad, but only sugar has the effect of causing cravings and not satiating hunger. The more sugar you eat the more you want to eat. Carbs don't do that.

Cut out as much sugar as possible to get the most benefit from diet change.

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Carbs do do that, because they are 1. rapidly broken down into glucose, which 2. forces your insulin levels up to prevent glycation of your arteries, which 3. makes you fat, because insulin is a fat storage hormone and prevents you from burning body or dietary fat.

If you're exercising and working out a lot then you can fuel yourself with carbs, but carbs and sugar are so close to being the same thing that there is no point in trying to distinguish between them.

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To piggy-back on both of you, there are two types of carbs: simple and complex. You should avoid the simple carbs. When consuming complex carbs, you should avoid the starches. You are looking at which foods affect your insulin levels.

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Yeah - but that's marketing hype. "Whole grain" and other such stuff makes no real difference. Carbs are carbs are carbs.

"Fiber" shouldn't be an issue.

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I speak from experience. The types of carbs make a difference in my diet. All carbs are not the same.

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Me too... it would be funny if you knew where my nickname Bigs came from, or why I still use it.

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Carbos are the most diverse food group out there. They exist on a spectrum where on one end you have leafy greens and the other you have all manner of junk food.

The problem comes from eating foods toward that part of the spectrum, especially when they are full of added sugar and deficient in fiber.

That being said, these foods are manipulated to suppress fullness and exaggerate hunger through various means.

Phasing out the questionable carbs while keeping the good ones will solve most health problems.

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