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I think this is somewhat different, I think Bernie was complicit and knowingly acted as a sheepdog. Big Pharma hating Bernie didnt even open his mouth as they ran roughshod all over us for profit. RFK Jr is not a career politician and seems to be very very genuine in his opposition to the DNC agenda. I don't see him cooperating with corralling his supporters to Biden like Bernie did

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He may be on the up and up, in that case they still are not going to play ball with him much longer. . I did hear him acknowledge in one speech that he knew as much and just wanted to get his message out. But I can't see them allowing him to get close to the election enough for normies to see him as a legitimate candidate and definitely not to debates that is for sure.

Don't get me wrong I love the things he is putting out there and all. And even though i have learned to trust no one, i understand good people do exist and are trying.