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Thanks for posting and welcome to this site. Another example is 'trans rights'. Everything is framed in terms of rights when it's supported, and when something is opposed, it's labeled far-right, dangerous, 'conspiratorial' (even though pointing out conspiracies is directly in opposition to them), etc.

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Thanks, ya concerning "trans rights" and stuff like that I ran into something recently that really puts all that into perspective. If you search youtube for "James Lindsay EU Parliament Speech" (about a half hour speech) he literally breaks down how all these things come directly from Marxism/Maoism books on tactics and ideology. Just call whatever power you want to seize racist or transphobic until you have seized that power.

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I also came here years ago for truth-seeking, free-thinking, and conspiracy analysis. Unfortunately there's also a lot of trolls, shills, racists, and idiots making a lot of free speech noise that timesucks and muddies up serious efforts to get informed. Sooner or later there will be another better site.

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I truly hope we get something better than reddit... I was on for 16 years and recently got my lifetime ban for calling the mods of r/Elon musk "fucking nincompoops .. " not joking.. funny thing is I don't miss it, don't feel compelled to make another account... Don't feel compelled to behave with better comportment...

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Ya i looked at was going on there and it seems I may have been one of the last holdovers they needed to remove. The conspiracy sub is starting to really look like MSN more and more. People complaining about bots and brigaides. It's kinda sad because that was my hangout so long.

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Nah man it's the nature of the internet. You can have free speech and have the unsavory elements that go with it, or you can sterilize the discussion of the unsavory elements but lose the ability to actually say what you want.

Most people are fine with banning the overt racists or trolls, but it's all a matter of subjective enforcement. First it starts out by banning the more extreme ones, but it slowly becomes more and more censorious. Always happens with the internet.

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IMO, all those top-down and unsavory problems can be resolved if we let the community work it out.

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Generally speaking yes, with small communities at least. When communities get larger it tends to require more moderation simply because you'll risk more disruptive posting that makes the forum unusable.

I think the problem is most people can't really handle the difference between, disruptive posting vs simply posts they don't like. Posts can be generally offensive but not actually be disruptive or malicious. As sometimes you do indeed need to offend in order to even have a discussion. But many people can't handle dealing with content that is offensive to them.

In general, online or otherwise, the way to deal with disruptive posting is to simply ignore it and not give attention. In smaller situations this is very effective as it gets the disruptive person going to seek their reactions elsewhere. But some people will not take that advice and will react to it, and the larger the group the more of those.people.there will be.

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Well hopefully I can benefit this platform. I think the reason they kept me around as long as they did is because I am a content creator. I don't totally focus on current events or politics. I write about and am interested in off the wall stuff. I do have some interesting things I've wrote that got totally passed over there, because to many were arguing politics to notice, that I will be giving a run over here. And creative writing is something I like to do in my free time.

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2 parts to this, first, it is insane that you would be banned for this post. Even if you said abortion is murder and I hate every single person who would ever get an abortion. You should be able to say that.

Second is that you are spot on right about the brainwashing. The left who are supposed to be anti-war want WWIII because Putin bad.

Back to your original topic, a good example that black "professor" that recently got into some controversy over an abortion argument that ended up with her threatening some one with a machete, she said pro-life material is violence. stress IS. Abortion is not violence? She was violent in her behavior to stop people from trying to change minds about abortion, while at the same time abortion could very possibly genocide black America. Its really odd.

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to clarify a little, I wasn't banned for the post it's self but it triggered an unnaturally large swarm of hate commenters, then out of no where I'm just permabanned for harassment for being a smart ass only once back to someone that called me names and was a smart ass to me (on that post), your common everyday interaction over there. They had wanted me gone for years though.

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They don't consider it a life, soon they want post-natal abortions of autistic kids.

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It always leads to eugenics when you boil down the desires of the political class behind the push. I tried to show/explain in a past post (The One Post) that they quietly have been working out intergovernmental meetings, funding, and infrastructure for rolling out a whole new market of genetic enhancement type crap. I'm sure that includes baby mods too. I'm sure that probably ties in some how also.

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It is a bunch of Adolph Hitler stuff about a Master Race genetically engineered.

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more self important reddit bullshit. yay.