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pearls for piggies

Typical Rosicrucian occult story line seen told many ways throughout history over and over. The secret energy being the harmony of the spheres making up the fabric of reality. The substance being tree resins like Frankincense and myrrh that make the holy sacrament oil like "chrism" after being charged on the alter, utilizing the "aromaticity" and "aromatic ring current" in connection with sperm, DNA, and the resonance of the solar system..

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I'm not a big reader but it sounds like you are.. so are you suggesting that this story the chat GPT just wrote is simply a rerun of something else or like a sequel of something else that you've already read?

That's interesting

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It's a Rosicrucian version of the mystery/alchemy/religion allegorical story. Seems the AI may have tried to follow tradition to some extent with allegory, false names for things, and not giving away too much. The Rosicrucian version books really picked up heavy around the beginning 1900s. Probably why the AI went with the Rosies version of the most written about subject in history. Although I wouldn't trust the Rosey versions because the Rosies group was co-opted more than a century ago. And since the AI's story parallels their narrative pretty much completely that means the AI probably "believes" these things to be true but secret. But really they are just trying to become gate keepers with a fantasy story like scientology. Where as the old tradition taught to observe nature for the truth. They require initiation and blind faith in what you can not prove so they can be gate keepers..