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Lucifer is a title, it means bearer of light. Satan was once Lucifer until he tried to take over Heaven and got called Satan the great deceiver.

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Lucifer is a fallen angel, the second of God's host. He's not really " the bad guy", but he does have a nasty job.

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And from that perspective or train of thought you could also look at the duality side of things. You couldn't know hot without cold as a comparison. Up to down, love hate exc.. including good and evil, so logically you could not have God without a counterpart. I'm sure that played a difficult role in much of early religious thought.

It seemed Christianity attempted to remove that with God, Son, and holy ghost using the Son as just lesser instead of complete opposite. But humans love to have an enemy/adversary.

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logically you could not have God without a counterpart.

God had other means with which to reach his goals and did not need nor want Lucifer to become dark and cold. God did not make Lucifer to be evil, but made him completely perfect. Lucifer pointed his free will away from God and voluntarily became his opposite.

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if God is the alpha and omega.. Maybe the people that turn away from God, in their ignorance are just serving His butthole.

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people that turn away from God, in their ignorance

Not in their ignorance, but willfully men sin and do what they know is evil. God gave every man a conscience, a spark of God's spirit within his heart, to tell him what is good and what is evil. That still small voice from God convicts every man of his sin. Our God-given conscience is why when we were children, we knew we were doing wrong even before any adult told us so. Every man will be held accountable for every choice he made, because he is responsible for his own choices.

If you want to equate sin to excrement, I won't argue about that. God did say sodomy is an abomination for a reason. People that sin are slaves to sin.

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Duality is baked into everything in this universe that we consider to "exist". Because of the way our senses are designed we only "know" things by comparison of frequency of change. This goes for thought also. We build up memory of experiences, observations, and conveyed info and when we run into something new it is analyzed by comparison to that database. That's why many ancient people thought of the universe and everything in it as a thought in the mind of God, almost like we are his neurons searching out for an answer. And in modern times all the holographic universe theories.

But you do throw a stick in the bicycle wheel of my good vs evil concept. I like the original Zoroastrian concept (before Jewish/christian amalgamation to God vs satan concepts). Their good guy was the personification of wisdom and their devil was the personification of wrong thought basically. A person can postulate that wrong thought is the source of all evils and we all saw during covid that it is contagious.. But willfully doing evil by choice even with full knowledge is the stick that sends that concept flying over the handle bars. The Bible seems to point this out many times. Also the survival of the fittest and most viscous seen in animal nature.

The empirical cult of the Roman Empire's state mandated religion would sure want rebellion to be demonized thus the Lucifer story. I'm sure they burned alive many rebels same as they did the real Christians that would not accept Emperor Constantine's mandated version of Christianity.

But why does man willfully do evil? You could say because the truth is hidden from him and he doesn't know God or the reality of the universe, just some surface layer fairy tale made for children and the non-initiated. Knowledge of God being purposefully hidden away by the mystery cult gatekeepers we today call religious institutions that require life long initiation and servitude to the Empire to hope to get to that truth.... I'll have to ponder that for a while.

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I agree there are poles everywhere in the universe: male/female, positive/negative, hot/cold.... But the universe was created as a result of the spiritual rebellion. There are two poles now but that does not mean it was always so. Lucifer was once good, for a long, long time. He and God were in agreement. There were not two poles then. But when he rebelled, and other spirits followed him, God made all of the physical creation for one purpose: His eternal plan of salvation.

The Roman Empire worked together with the Jews to crucify Jesus (the Lord) so they were not his friend. The religious institutions made by man do not want people to come to Jesus (the Truth).... They want people to serve them.

Here is a promise: Anyone who sincerely desires the truth will find it. No man has an excuse for being ignorant. If he only would love the truth, then God guarantees he will find it.

Seek and you shall find. Ask and it shall be given to you. Knock and it shall be opened to you. These are promises given by Jesus.

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Lucifer is a fallen angel

Yes, because he chose to fall. He was not pushed. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was fully enlightened and knew how God created him, but he chose to tell the other beings that he alone was the Creator.

He's not really " the bad guy", but he does have a nasty job.

God did not give him that "nasty job" and God did not need for him to rebel. God created Lucifer as a perfect being, which he remained for a long time, until he allowed pride to enter his heart and distanced himself from God. Lucifer was endowed with free will like all the other spirits.

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Because Freemasons worship Lucifer, and Freemasons slowly took over the Catholic Church in the 20th century. Don’t be surprised if Maitreya is accepted as the second coming of Christ in Rome.

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Looks like a Masonic handshake, doesn't it? That was back in 1934.

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The popes would often warn of the Freemason plot to end Christian civilization. They would warn of a one world church that would encompass all churches through ecumenism, and would run like a democracy and permit sin ańd doctrinal deviation. Run by the false prophet.

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The pope has embraced all religions of the world. He will make an image of the beast for the world to worship.

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Why do you think the false prophet will not be an antipope? There were two men dressed in white at the Vatican till the end of last year. Nobody official bothered to investigate this.

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Anybody can put on white clothing. You will know them by their fruit. Look at what they do. Their deeds betray their identity. Antipope?

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I know that. Most Catholics don’t. To say otherwise is to be a “conspiracy theorist”.

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Catholicism is just an old system of Empire and mind control.

The Catholic thing to do was to conquer people, force their religion on them, and make devils out of their gods. Notice I didn't say make demons out of their gods?

In ancient Greece pre-christian the name for some deities or divine beings like Lucifer was "Daimon or daemon" (Ancient Greek: δαίμων, "god", "godlike", "power", "fate")

Lucifer is the planet Venus and Aphrodite the goddess of love and lust. Who would hate love and lust? You guessed it. Of course Catholic Officials think the way God made Humans and all animals to love and reproduce to be an evil act. But how does the species go on just from poking alter boys?

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I heard a priest describe it as Anakin Skywalker vs Darth Vader. Lucifer was the name YHWH gave him. He left that name behind when he fell according to that parish priest.

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Because since the 60s the Vatican has been upside down due to communist infiltration of priests, cardinals and bishops. Anything the Church does and did up until the 60s is up to a severe scrutiny and debate until there is a clean-up.