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Well, some people are curious about how the Jews are involved in education so this touches how they work in college campuses very well.

The Jews have their own pro-Israel training programs in college campuses.

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"The jews" don't have them, Israeli nationalists do. Not all Jewish people are Israeli nationalists, only like half or so. I think it's important to be accurate with this stuff.

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Right. Thanks for pointing it out. Should I say Zionists then?

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That's more accurate, yes. I'd say Israeli Nationalists and Zionists have a strong strong amount of overlap.

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Speaking about that, have you seen my Holocaust denial argument compilation Magnora? make sure to check it if you haven't:

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Would you even say there's a difference? Maybe national vs global? What else?

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I would wager a guess there are many Zionists who want "Greater Israel" and all that, but don't agree with the direction of the current Israeli government. So those would be the Zionists who aren't Israeli Nationalists, but I imagine they're few and far between.

And then there's probably a few people who really like the Israeli government, but don't have any religious or ideological ties to it beyond just the Nationalism. That'd be the Israeli Nationalists who aren't Zionists. But again, very rare.

But I think 95% of the time, you can say Israeli Nationalists and Zionists have a lot of overlap, because they have the same general goals, and one bolsters the ideology of the other. But only about half of Jews are Zionists. And there are a lot of Christian Zionists too.

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Thanks. I wanted to say it's the same thing but I wasn't sure it actually was. I feel better about saying it's the same diff, generally.

Thinking about it, one could transcribe it to our countries. USA and Canada. When we think of them we don't automatically think of the First Nations folks who still suffer to this day, so I'm guessing Israelis likely think of a lot of other things before they consider the plight of Palestinians.

There's no parallel I can think of regarding the control over Banks, Hollywood, and infiltration. They seem to stand alone there.

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any jews not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery

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Any men not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery. Any bankers not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery. Any academics not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery. Any gypsies not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery. Any senators not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery. Any women not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery. Any churchgoers not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery. Any humans not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery.


First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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That's akin to saying "Any white man that doesn't speak out against the oppression of the black man is guilty as well" which I don't think is a useful sentiment.

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that is true such as marijuana being illegal still because rwers like locking up black men for non violent crimes, any white men who are ok with that or don't speak out on it are guilty.

this is like how at nuremberg just following orders wasn't ok. Just staying silent = tacit acceptance.

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I see what you're saying, but following orders in an organization you voluntarily joined isn't the same as not speaking out for injustices done by the group you demographically belong to.

Every person would have to speak out on every injustice by everyone in their gender, race, income level, etc etc for you to be satisfied based on what you've put forward so far. And that's literally impossible because there's 7 billion people on this earth

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no it's the same. don't stay silent. it'd be ok if someone lives in a cabin in the forest, never had internet or tv, then I'd be like ok they just didn't know that is why they were silent. But besides that outlier, silence = complicit.

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But surely those people aren't as guilty as the ones actually doing the bad stuff, right? And do you honestly expect everyone to constantly be speaking out or else they're guilty?

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yeah not as guilty that's why i said guilty like a wheel man in a robbery. he doesn't get as much jailtime but he does get some

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fair enough

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any jews not speaking out = guilty like wheel man in robbery


We're all brainwashed in many ways. That's the fault of the leadership not the sheeple nor Jewish sheeple.

Flailing cheap shots won't win. Punch up with precise aim for the groin of power and stop them reproducing their power.

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They also train American police officers alongside the IDF.
IIRC, they practice training against the Palestinian populace.

This training is then brought back to the US, and used against the American public.

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They also train Congress. Every freshmen class is taken on a pilgrimage to Netanyahu's office for some 1 on 1 indoctrination.

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Let's not forget the pledge.

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I doubt it would be World War III, considering how much Russia has done with little to no consequences.

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We've been in WW3 since 9/11. A century makes a hellova difference so it's not going to appear the same. AT ALL. A slow roll into perpetual war and the peace movement from over a dozen years ago is all but replaced with pussy hats and censorship.

Imagine your grandma wearing a pussy hat and thinking it was effective for anything. Not on her life.

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russia bought a few facebook ads. hardly worth WWIII over.

russia is also run by jews tho. Putin obviously looks jewish.

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Not run by "the Jews". Run by Zionist-globalists that are trying to keep the focus on Russian not Israel.

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The RT television channel comes to mind. There's certainly propaganda there, if you call this propaganda. So no, no World War III.

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Iran is a terrorist regime !!! Im an Iranian and I say outlaid that the Iranian regime in power right now is absolutely a terrorist regime !!! They should absolutely not be allowed on US campuses !!!! Israel is a free and peaceful country with some minor issues.

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This is interesting to hear your perspective as an Iranian, thanks! Have you lived in Iran before? What do you think of what Israel is doing to Palestine? What do you think of the 1941-1979 Shah Pahlavi that ruled Iran?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just very curious what you think of these issues

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I lived in iran for 14 years of my life. Honestly what Israel does to palestinians isn't my concern at all. The terrorist iranian regime is taking away Iranian peoples money and giving it away free to palestinians . I didn't live during the Shah's rule in iran but I've heard even from his haters that he was millions of times better than the current regime in iran is.

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The terrorist iranian regime is taking away Iranian peoples money and giving it away free to palestinians

Interesting, I've never heard this part of it, but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing your perspective!