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A genocide agenda? 100% yes.

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James Corbett Report: How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World cover this and eugenics - all before COVID.

Sick weak slaves can still serve - but can't rise up.

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Has a few different goals. Multi goal approach. Killing people yes but also it's designed to not kill some but just weaken and lower IQs, cause brain fog, chronic heart issues etc. main goal is to keep a revolution from happening and guillotining rich Jews.

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Correct these actions are always a multi goal layered approach. They opened the flood gate by fast tracking the approval of mRNA therapies. Now they can put genetic targeted mRNA for eugenics in the food supply. If you follow the money, the majority of research money is going toward mapping and controlling genetic markers that effect human behavior. Just controlling hormone levels is enough to control behavior, but with the ability to make bioweapons that target by genetics, they have the ability to target with chronic illness or death based on genetic markers of race or behavior characteristics, while preserving those that would make the best slaves.

There are 22 different proteins that can be encoded by mRNA, humans only use 20 as the others concern photosynthesis and the such. The sacred language of Hebrew of course has 22 letters, and God said (paraphrased) I will scramble their tongues/words/letters to knock down the tower they built so they do not become gods like us. Why is this tower of Babel always portrayed as spiral while triangular zigarats were the norm in that time and area? This allegory is not too hard to figure out in modern times. Lab made viruses increased exponentially since the official discovery of X ray crystallography. Some hard to find reports I ran into long ago saying as many as 30,000 new lab created viruses by the 1930s, specifically made to be carriers and delivery of the genetic strands main stream science was designing by then. But this knowledge of manipulating the tree of life, the stone that is not a stone, is much much older IMO. X ray crystallography can be achieved using static electricity from a big capacitor like the arc of the covenant, even that is overkill and much more than necessary. .

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Yes lowering testosterone has been very successful for them, made a revolution very unlikely.

Yeah viruses didn't exist in ancient times, they created those in a lab somehow.

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/u/HibikiBlack, perhaps you or someone on SaidIt could generate a script (perhaps with A.I.) to crawl through all your content and scrape it, including comments and links and timestamps, into saved files and/or a database. This script could be shared with others too. Then, if/when we mirror and/or migrate to a new forum we'll have our bags packed and ready to easily transfer. We should do this or similarly prepare at the other forums too, as they'll likely inevitably be swamped with spam too.

It's only going to get slower and more painful, due to the longstanding mismanagement here.

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I myself already compiled the data for people to see:

Now if someone were to create duplicates they are free to do it although I would appreciate if I was given the due credit. I shared this info in mass on a daily basis and my collection only gets bigger by the day.

I get what you are saying but I don’t want to leave Saidit behind so easily, there are still communities that need my help over here and I consider myself one of the patriarchs of Saidit so I have to try hard regardless of the condition of the site all the more that d3rr himself is gone too...

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Just be ready.

And mirror. (On Projex.Wiki too, when I get it back up.)

The rest will play out as it will.

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It does feel like last days of saidit here, like do you have things saved off this site? Hope so. You had lot of good posts here

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/u/HibikiBlack, you should also see Europa, The Last Battle (2017).

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No one has the time to watch the whole documentary

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And yet many folks I've met in real life have, including myself.

The editing is terrible but the content is gold.

It could should be reworked into half the time.

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Jesuit wasn't the culprit brother. It was the other J

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When did I even mention the Jesuits in this post of mine? lol, someone is clearly out of the loop. Also, Israel is one of the most heavily vaccinated if not the most heavily vaccinated country so I don't get what's the idea:

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I can forgive him it's your first non Jesuit post.

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Probably injected with IV fluid

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On the topic of Jews, I think there is a detail that often gets missed here and at similar sites. There are two layers of jews, one I will call the “inner party jews”, and the other I will call the “outer party jews”. It’s the inner party jews that have the genocidal agenda (perhaps assisted by Jesuits and high-ranking WASPs). The outer party jews are normal people, except that most of them have been brainwashed to close ranks at the first sign of so-called antisemitism. The outer party serves as insulation for the inner.

I think this explains the heavy vaccination rate, and subsequent safety signal in Israel.

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It still doesn't explain the idea that the Jews would intentionally seek to destroy their reproductive capacity and their DNA if the goal is to conquer the world. If we assume that there indeed is an Ultra-Zionist faction, but that faction is submissive to the Ultra-Catholic/Jesuit, then it does make sense.

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Its not the genetics they are after thats a distraction its the non rhesus positive blootype that the famous and rich tend to have. Its gods punishment to make it hard for them and they in return hate everyone else