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They want you to perceive that voting matters when 2 chosen candidates with the same interest using 2 "opposing" platforms are partaking. Plus they all lie, no president has done what they said in elections. That's why the MIGA memes started. Merely 5 billion, but we donate 10 times that to other countries. Yet we still have a negative perception to the world.

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Did anyone trust those anyways? 99% of the time the sources are bias towards feeding people what they want to hear. I do believe the polls during the election were made to lower the amount of Democrat voters though.

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also why do they say Nate Silver was better than most pollsters when he had it at 75% chance Hillary won . . . you're still wrong! That's like if you get 25% on a test, you failed!

That's not how it works. It's a forecast. See:

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seen that excuse before. tha is how it works tho.

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what... why?

If I say there is an 83% chance of a die rolling 1-5. And it rolls a 6. Are you gonna call me wrong?

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not same as die for obvious reasons. blocked.

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What a baby!

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You do know you can't block users yet, right?

The only other time I've seen a user act like this much of a sensitive baby, who has to telegraph to everyone that his feelings are soooo hurt that he needs to block users, is on Voat. Did you come here from there?

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I don't know why anyone trusts democracy. It's a huge corrupting influence.

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I don't know why anyone trusts democracy. It's a huge corrupting influence.

You may be confusing democracy for oligarchy, and corporatocracy. The oligarchy drives the corrupting influence of money in politics.

The oligarchs select candidates for the election-selection parade.

Democracy is only as good as the public demands.

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Democracy is only as good as the public demands.

Currently the majority of the public demands fascism. Therefore -> fascism.

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The public has been brainwashed. Many are waking up, though.

We have reason to remain optimistic.

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Don't take my word for it. Listen to a man who has been to the beast's lair.

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RP doesn't suggest that the public is delaying fascism.

His statements confirm that the oligarchs are running the system. Pelosi and boener are oligarch chess pieces.

If your an anarchist, then you definitely believe in democracy.

The current system is an banksters oligarch zombie wrapped in a tattered blanket of democracy.

Anarchism and volunteerism are predicated on the will of the people.

Demos = people.
Cracy = rule.

You're a closet supporter.

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If your an anarchist, then you definitely believe in democracy.

I'm not a pure anarchist. I think there is a role for government in protecting individual liberties for the citizenry.

the will of the people.

Framing the state as "the will of the people." Fucking fascist language right there.

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Framing the state as "the will of the people." Fucking fascist language right there.

The will of the people, is the will of the people. It's a concept that is states seek to attach to themselves, to gain legitimacy.

Fascism is the corporatatocracy.

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I'm disengaging this thread here.

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Got nothing, huh?

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Democracy is only as good as the public demands.

Hear, hear! And now we have gotten ourselves into a position where we have little leverage left to demand even the most basic rights, let alone a global society where everyone can thrive.

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80 years of oligarchical planning that has isolated the public and dismantled most feelings of community, and 110 years of propaganda experiments.

In reality, power resides with the people. Unfortunately, they've been brainwashed into apathy

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The consensus is that Trump supporters were too embarrassed to tell pollsters that they would vote for him, especially in the wake of the Access Hollywood tape revelation.

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I can see that altho not embarassed, just trained to keep it quiet because a lot of friends and family argue about politics now, I voted not for Hillary or Trump but Gary Johnson, not many voted for him and he had no effect on the election but my mom who liked Hillary was screaming like a nutjob at me like I personally caused Trump to win. So I get that you can't be honest about who you support anymore, causes problems. I'd be honest in a poll tho, no one ever asked me, or anyone I know, I don't think they actually poll anyone, just make up numbers to suit a narrative.

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A lot of people have a great faith in statistics. This is often ironic because many of these same people don't have the fullest understanding of how statistics work. Look! Here's a chart! Look! Here are numbers, lined up in a row! Look! Here are some percentages! All of which means that I'm 100% correct!

This, and wading into the weaknesses of their pet study usually isn't worth the effort. They just keep returning to the items above, like a snake eating its own tail.

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I wonder if many will start ignoring polls going forward, to be that wrong. It's similar to how I think a lot of people don't trust the media, and that fake news meme started, because the MSM lied about Iraq WMDs.

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To me the worst examples aren't political, but are found in the health-related articles. Some weird college conducts a study that "proves" carrots are the key to eternal life. World proceeds to flip the fuck out. Next month another study "proves" that carrots give you scabies. Carrot market crashes. Riots in the streets. A lot of people are easily led.

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No polls ever said "Hillary has a 99% chance of winning." That was some person's interpretation of polling results.

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yeah they did sorry