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Looks like Covid hit and ruined their prediction. The economic downturn wasn't able to play out like they thought.

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Civil War 2.0 started when Trump was in office, it is a social war.

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Meh - fuckface von clownstick gave a voice to narcissistic morons like himself who love to think they are so important as to cause a civil war. They're no more than a clownshow of imbeciles, a confederacy of dunces, and should be forgotten.

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There's not going to be any global wars anymore because greedy billionaires are too complacent in being greedy and won't let the military industrial complex fuck up their plans. That's why they did COVID lockdowns instead and got rich off of all those bullshit fucking vaccines.

Simply put, it's a global market now and the people who run things are an international oligarchy of slimy snake-fucks who'd rather let us all suffer, than fight in pointless wars that cost them more money than it's worth. The only time war is ever involved, is for financial reasons now. China would be nuked into oblivion before they were allowed to actually disrupt the global oligarchy, assuming they're not already a part of it. This is also why they'd sooner put a bullet in Trump's head, than see him re-elected again, though it may not come down to that; they'll likely just cheat again and censor it all in the next election and everyone, being as stupid as they are, will forget about it in two weeks.