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Because of Venezuela losing influence in the oil industry because of the crisis caused by the communists and a lot of people being curious about the reasons behind it, I think you should see this.

Castro had always kind of sought to own Venezuela's oil to fund his communists movements in latin america for a long time. President Betancourt told him to fuck off and that ended with Venezuelan and Cuban military killing each other for quite a while. We won back then and Cuba ended up broke but Castro never gave up on trying to control the country. Back in Carlos Andres's second term the country was quickly recovering so the communists guerrilleros that supported Castro which were led by Chavez tried to kill him many times but they failed. Either way, the corruption in the country was too huge so Carlos Andres's efforts were in vain since Chavez made it to power either way. So in the end Castro had his revenge on us, thanks to one of our own no less.