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I haven't heard him say this one... :-/.


Jack Ruby is actually Jacob Rubenstein. Fact.

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    This video, specifically at 3:40 on:

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    "Can it really be that a small ethnic lobby controls US policy?"

    Chomsky says no. But what is a dictator then? One dictator can control not just policy but an entire country, and its people. I see that Chomsky tries to convey the idea that the Israel lobby instead cooperates with government agencies and the MIC as simply a small but very important business partner. I think this view is an oversimplification. Hence, that view paints the lobby in a small, sort of frugal but necessary light. And then to compile and understand his other non sequitur talking points. Concerning "who killed JFK?" "Well," he says, "Who knows and who cares." There was clear Israeli involvement in JFK's assassination laid out by Michael Collin Piper's book 'The Final Judgement.' JFK was sternly against Israel's nuclearization program and in fact called for the Israeli Lobby, now AIPAC, to be registered as a FOREIGN AGENT. JFK believed they had too much influence in US policy. And he was RIGHT. Nowadays, much of what JFK did and especially what he said in private would likely be considered by the AIPAC, the powerful ADL, JINSA, the neocons etc., 'crypto-anti-semitic.' Cabal is already considered a coded anti-semitic word.

    In regards to policies. It is common knowledge that a policy coup was orchestrated in the US by Zionist, Israel hard-line, warhawk, neoconservatives, initialized by the early 1990's DPG plan and later laid out in the ISAPS Israeli Think Tank 'Clean Break: Securing the Realm document' authored by various atheistic, Zionist neoconservatives in the Israeli Likud party that would later be appointed under George Bush!!!!! Where does their concern lie, in the interests of the real US or Israel? Chomsky will never acknowledge this and thus we know where his beliefs or lack there of lies. On the side of academic gatekeeping.

    Furthermore, the plan was authored for Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and referenced a 'Pearl Harbor' and the exact scenarios in the US that would follow after the 'entire collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.' Yes, these neoconservatives suggested well before 9/11 that the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers would bolster support for a 'war on terror' as well as to secure a realm, that realm being central Asia, thusly, balkanizing Israeli's enemies, with the deaths of thousands of US countrymen on their shoulders. It should be noted also, that they didn't entirely get their way. George H. W. Bush and his son were two of several other presidents who supported the two state solution and wanted peace in Israel and Palestine. In fact, George H. W. Bush withheld funds to Israel because of their settlement projects on Palestinian land. The AIPAC lobby and various neoconservatives at that time were angered and there was even talk of his assassination. However, once his son attained power, possibly by a coup, the neoconservatives, with warhawk Cheny, knew they had an incompetent president who could easily be swayed. Hence, on 9/11 they shipped him off to Florida to sit and read to children. Far enough away that he would have little control over the situation. That the neoconservatives were able to successfully orchestrate and control the situation is historically noted. The latter even admitted by mainstream press. On 9/11, the Bush family with UNOCAL and many other defense contractors were eyeing Afghanistan. There were many conflicting narratives but what was interesting was that the Neocons were adamant on the day of 9/11 that Palestinians were at fault and even called for ground troops in Palestine. Some went so far as to say they wanted targeted strikes by US airforce in Palestine. They also, stated that Afghanistan was no issue and "who cares about Afghanistan." Of course the MIC, the Neoconservatives, the controlled, particularly Zionist media as well as the Israeli lobby worked together to bolster war support. They all won in the end and covered up the 9/11 false flag.

    Like the ISAPS doc. mentioned above, the PNAC document was intertwined. It called for a tremendous increase in military spending and called for the domination of a US military industrial complex on international affairs. It also followed the exact same strategies as the, Catastrophic Terrorism Study: A National Policy in foreign affairs. The authors being neoconservatives themselves and PNAC signatories suggested that a pearl harbor in the US would create a public myth. A before and after. What would follow is, oppressive legislation, the relinquishing of due process, terrorist watch lists, more terror in the US and a military campaign targeted at those, "considered guilty." All of these policy agendas were ordered into law after their New Pearl Harbor.

    So, as for the Lobby which shares many connections with the policy coup in the US, it shouldn't be taken lightly that the it has always been considered ruthless in it's dealings, is able to position it's agents in powerful positions, is well financed by the richest group in America, and is able to silence critics by screaming 'antisemite' every minute, the answer has to be... YES!

    The Italian mafia was a 'small ethnic lobby' in some sense and they were able to control state and local policy for over 5 decades until the FBI finally did it's job and cracked down on them.

    He might condemn Israel but that's what is great about gatekeepers and controlled oppositions. Even they say the truth most of the time. Chomsky is a leftists who opposes to some extent the Likud party and right wing Zionist agenda. His purpose is to poi t out the flawed system never to get into the dirty details. Other leftists such as Max Blumenthal who has admitted serval times to have some Zionist beliefs, loathes the Likud party, yet badgers and harasses anyone who questions 9/11.